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Thursday June 16, 2016 3:09pm

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I'm watching an England vs. Wales stream on ESPN Deportes and it's halftime. I was looking at one of my other tabs and wasn't really paying attention but heard someone speaking in Spanish with a thick gringo accent, talking about going to another country, playing soccer, and winning people's respect. I open the tab as it's ending and it's Landon Donovan, and he says, "mi nombre? Llamame futbol."

Although I'll never forgive him for getting himself cut in 2014, Landon's the only field player we ever had that could appear in an ad like that. He's the only player we had that really worried the Mexicans. Bradley has had a couple of good games against Mexico but he never has given them headaches the way Landon did. Undoubtedly our most explosive player ever; the only one we could really count on to create chances. You only wonder how good he would have become had he stuck it out in Europe. I think mentally though he just didn't have the psyche of a champion. Too weak and not enough drive/desire.
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Thursday June 16, 2016 3:47pm

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He was in another ad a few years back wearing a poncho and sombrero also speaking Spanish. I don't remember what it was for but I remember laughing hysterically. He had hair back then I believe.

EDIT: It was an ad for the lottery

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Thursday June 16, 2016 6:46pm

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If you understand Spanish, there is a small 5 minute clip for him titled La Contracronica Landon Donovan. It's comical yet true. It's an LA Galaxy game vs Morelia a few years back. Some TVAzteca people narrate him in a funny way. Check it out. He is my all time favorite player because in a time were we didn't have much, he made me believe. All my friends were rooting for Mexico my junior year and i was all about USA. That summer was the best ever.

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Thursday June 16, 2016 7:06pm

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I've seen the same Heineken ad in English in the lead-up to the Copa, he probably just recorded the same speech in Spanish.

Searching "Landon Donovan Heineken" on youtube pulls up the same 2 ads, on in Spanish. Didn't watch either but I'm sure they're the same.

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Friday June 17, 2016 1:44am

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That's an old commercial and yes he is saying the same thing in English and Spanish. And no is not a Mexican ad also. Just a Spanish version Beckham has one to.