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Tuesday June 14, 2016 9:13pm

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Was thinking about this today. About the only thing I hate about the Qualifying is when teams like North Korea qualify and then get blasted in the World Cup. So I was thinking how could we make sure those types of teams didn't qualify (to an extent) without limiting access from the "lesser" Confederations?
How could we also increase the amount of quality matches leading up to World Cup, without affecting the Schedule too much.

My thought was adopting a Champions/Euro league style system. Using the November FIFA window (that they use for the Qualifying playoff rounds UEFA, CAF, and intercontinental games) as well as an extra window in the Winter (when some like the Bundesliga are on break anyways).

How it would work.
There would be 16 automatic Qualifiers:
For instance - Host (1), UEFA/Conmebol (4 each), CAF (3), and AFC/CONCACAF (2 each).
Each Confederation would host their Qualifying just as they do now. UEFA and CAF would probably have to change their format some, the others would not (much).
The top 4 in UEFA and CONMEBOL would automatically qualify as well as the top 3 in CAF, and the top 2 in AFC and CONCACAF.

After that you would have 40 teams that make it to the Playoff Round. They would be split into Groups of 5. Play each team once. Top 2 from each Group advance to the World Cup.
5 from CONCACAF and AFC
1 from OFC
8 from CAF
6 from CONMEBOL (5 if they are hosting)
15 from UEFA (16 if CONMEBOL is hosting the World Cup)

2 teams from UEFA in each group and 1 from CAF. Have a drawing to determine the groups.

The last detail would be where to play the games. I thought about each country having 2 home games. But the travel for that would get ridiculous so there would have to be neutral sites.

2 ways we could do it:
1-The Country that is hosting the World Cup would get all of the matches
2-Each Group would have their own neutral site that are spread out over each Confederation (2 Concacaf, 2 Conmebol, 1 Caf, 1 AFC, 2 UEFA).

I think this format would add even more excitement to qualifying, would make the World Cup Final field stronger, and allow more countries the opportunity to make it in, as well as adding more big games to TV ($$$) and more revenue in the form of gate receipts for countries.

Something to ponder.

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