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Wednesday June 8, 2016 4:10am

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Original post from skangles

Who are you referring to?

Can't remember the dudes name, but he said the US would lose all three games and wasn't even in the same league as their group opponents.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 4:15am

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I'dk Colombia is a good team so what's the excuse why we lost to them in London?

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 4:42am

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Original post from admsghs27

Rankings in soccer are the most over rated. Also Costa Rica was missing their best player and come on we were big favorites to win. Also some of tall acting like we're trough already remember if we tie or lose we are out most likely. So in 1994 we beat the best team in the world. But couldn't beat #3 lol l.

As of this moment a tie will most like get us through. I doubt Costa Rica will score four more goals than the USMNT if they can beat Columbia. Minus two bad plays by Cameron and Yedlin and that game is tied. While they lost I felt like they were closer to Columbia than the London game two years ago.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 4:56am

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Hats off to Klinsmann for the win and I even thought his substitutions were bad until Grahm Zusi made me eat me words.

Going forward, we should make it to the Quarter finals. If we face a technical team/South American team, we will lose with this same starting XI.

Gonna have to replace Jones or Bradley with Nagbe and possibly start Pulisic in a Quarter final match.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 7:22am

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After watching Colombia v Paraguay I was impressed with Paraguay's ability to attack...pretty dangerous on set pieces. They looked a lot better than the CR game. I think we'll get the result we need to get through...I don't think it will easy

Rey Regicide
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Wednesday June 8, 2016 12:22pm

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Original post from 2tone

It was more about USMNT mistakes versus Colombia than Colombia being good.

I don't know why our press doesn't want to admit that

..oh that's right, Klinsmann hate...

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 1:36pm

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I said if we played like we did against Colombia we would win the next 2 games.
Bradley, Jones and Dempsey stepped their games up tonight for sure. But really as a team our performance wasn't much better than it was against Colombia. Big difference? A-Colombia is MUCH better than Costa Rica (especially with CR's GK and 2 CB's out)
B-We didn't make 2 awful mistakes. Costa Rica made the mistakes this game.

As far as how this game was played it probably should have been a 2-0 win for the US, not 4-0. We definitely out played them, but not by a 4-0 margin. Just like against Colombia should have been a draw (they didn't out play us by a 2-0 margin).

That's how the game goes.

We should see a few changes against Paraguay with only needing a tie (ZERO chance Costa Rica beats Colombia by more than a goal or 2. They'd have to win by like 7. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN).
A-Both Cameron and Brooks have a yellow. If they get a yellow against Paraguay we lose them for the first knockout stage. With only needing a tie, JK won't risk that. One of them (not both) will sit.
B-Bedoya will probably be given a chance to rest up for the next round after that injury.

Probably end up with a lineup like:
Yedlin - Cameron - Besler - FabJo
Nagbe - Bradley - Jones
Zardes - Dempsey - Wood

I went with Besler for Brooks because Paraguay has no height in attack, so a smaller guy is better, also ensures that Brooks can go in the Quarter Finals.

Speaking of Brooks he has been FANTASTIC this tournament so far. ABSOLUTE stud. That's against World Class attacking talent (Bacca, James, Campbell, Cuadrado, etc). Wouldn't surprise me to see a top EPL or on of the big teams grab him up if he continues to play like this.
Tall, good technical skills for a CB, athletic, young. Why not? Hope Arsenal picks him up. He can take Mertesacker's place next to Kolcelny
Rey Regicide
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Wednesday June 8, 2016 1:46pm

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Brooks has been godly, to your point of mistakes and capitalizing

Zapata 's strike was world class

Imagine if Joel's half volley had gone in.

We're now tied 1 - 1 with Costa Rica being able to comfortably control the game if they choose.

It's random events that dictate the game like that.

I totally feel that we played better versus Colombia. But we had end product against Costa Rica. It's weird, but we have to take the latter any day of the week. With an ounce of luck sandwiched in it.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 2:21pm

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Original post from skangles

Serious question, why do people hate Wondo so badly for his squandered chances when Zardes squanders at least one good chance a game? Is it just an age thing?

Partly. But you're not going to find one Zardes defender on this site. I stopped being a defender of his about 12 months ago.

Zardes had TWO AWFUL MISSES last night. Get him out. He's such a liability and we have better players (older & younger) to replace him. I'm not saying his 2 chances we're easy and they'd usually get buried - not saying that. Just saying the magnitude of the misses were awful. On the first he had close to an open net from 5 yards away and he missed by 6 feet! On the 2nd chance he hit it dead center at the goalie and it sailed over the net from, what, 15 yards out?

Zardes has now become the WEIRDEST thing that Klinsy is doing. Can we get Zardes over to Europe for fuck's sake. Anywhere. I'd take Norway at this point. Just something new to alter the course of his (nonexistent) development.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 3:43pm

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I will defend Zardes at this point. He missed the 2 chances and his first touch definitely let him down. I completely agree he needs to go to Europe to get some better training day in and day out. He has had a pretty good tournament so far. I agree he needs to start putting the ball in the back of the net but if you are going to ignore his work rate and the fact he held the ball well and helped out on defense last night you are just being blind.

Know Nothing
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Wednesday June 8, 2016 3:44pm

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I'll agree with @usagunner that 2-0 was more of an accurate scoreline. I am convinced had Navas played he would have stopped Woods shot and probably Zusi's as well.

We played about the same as we did against Colombia, except we got all the calls and they got demoralized after the PK was awarded. Playing this way may allow us to get by Paraguay with a draw, but we will need to play our best game.

I think JK will revert to form and play Beckerman against Paraguay and rest Bedoya (moving Bradley further up the pitch). If he does this, I hope he starts Nagbe as well...not because JJ has played poorly, but to give us some impetus going forward.

I think Zardes inclusion is just to scare the other side with pace...if done correctly he could occupy their outside back effectively. Problem is that everyone now knows he has a heavy first touch and is not a clinical finisher.

As for the subs last night, Wondo for Dempsey was the head scratcher for me. Wondo makes good runs and all, but the opportunity to shore up the midfield was there and he could have moved Zardes forward and brought on Nagbe or even Brought on besler as LB and moved FJ forward.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 3:58pm

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I think he just wanted to get Dempsey some rest. a couple minutes here, couple minutes there. It's a crazy few days for these group stages. Any rest is good. Why I think JK will have a different line up and we will see some different starters against Paraguay. Besides the Yellow Card and Injury issues (Brooks, Bedoya, Cameron).
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Wednesday June 8, 2016 5:39pm

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Loved the result. Just always annoyed why the team needs to have their backs against the wall to perform. Where was this grit, determination, and class in the Colombia game? I know Colombia is a much better team but when they play like that they can beat anyone.

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Wednesday June 8, 2016 8:19pm

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Zardes' "touch let him down."? WTF? No, that's his usual touch coming out. It didn't let us down. More like, it let us know that it's still there in all of its awfulness even during a dominant team performance.

San Jose
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Wednesday June 8, 2016 8:38pm

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Colombia and CR games were apples and oranges. We stayed in a 4-3-3 against Colombia. We switched to a 4-4-2 halfway through the first half against CR .Colombia had their foot completely off the gas...CR was extended frantically chasing the game. What we were faced with we're polar opposites. My take was I was troubled by how bad our attack was against Colombia and how CR's tactics against us really enabled a flattering outlier score for us. We're doing well...we have another level we can get to with the addition of Nagbe and Pulisic and being more aggressive bringing our fullbacks up field. I'm cautiously optimistic we'll do some damage.

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