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Friday May 27, 2016 7:28am

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With Bobby Wood moving to Hamburg, Terrence Boyd and Red. Bull Leipzig getting promoted, and the already heavy American Presence, the bundesliga 2016/2017 season will be my league of choice to watch next season.

Really intriguing story lines:

1. American strikers: Bobby Wood, Terrence Boyd, and Aron Johannsson will be set to duel for most goals.

2. The continued maturation of John Brooks

3. Will FabJo be moved back to fullback for Gladbach next season with Andre Hahn and Herrmann back to full fitness?

4. Pulisic continued rise to stardom.

5. Will Joe Gyau be back to full fitness and get minutes with Dortmunds first team?

6. Does Julian Green move to another Bundesliga team?

7. Is Chandler going to be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde next season.

8. Will Haji Wright see Schalke first team minutes next season? Strong possibility with his goal scoring exploits for Schalkes u19 team.

How many more Americans will Bundesliga teams make moves for?

Yedlin, Guzan, Birnbaum, Bedoya, Nagbe?

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Friday May 27, 2016 7:52am

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How likely is Boyd to see minutes? Such a long injury and with Lizpeg getting promotion you can be sure they will have more money to spend. Going to be really really tough for him. He will be given a chance but he is going to have to have running start. Same for Gyau but i think he can easily move to another bundesliga team and be effective.

Rey Regicide
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Friday May 27, 2016 12:35pm

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what the f will we do if haji wright gets semblance of minutes, gyau gets to maybe 90 percent of what he was.. chandler gets back to form... good talking points 2 tone

If pulisic becomes Mhitkytarian and makes borussia dortmund think "hmmm maybe we can live without reus" that would have to be the biggest story of the year..

hype will be ok if it comes from german press, right? lol cause it won't exist in our anglophonic world? right?

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Friday May 27, 2016 3:08pm

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I think theres a good chance Boyd is loadned out to 2.bundes. RBL has tons of young attackers. I would bet Boyd never plays 1 minute for them in the bundesliga. They brought him in to help get promoted and possibly develop. He did neither. Now they'll move on with their other guys.

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Friday May 27, 2016 5:01pm

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I hope somebody from Fox reads this thread.

The Bundesliga was the league to watch this past season too although the arguments are even better for next season but NBC's Premier League coverage laughs Fox's Bundesliga coverage off the pitch.

1) NBC heavily promoted the Premier League compared to crickets from Fox especially before the first season of coverage. That Sudekis conmercial was gold.

2) NBC shows games on NBCSN and USA with frequent games on NBC. Fox had the odd game on Fox but airs games on FS1 and FS2 which nobody with comcast gets.

3) Most importantly NBC airs EVERY game online at no additional charge to people with decent tv packages. Fox charges extra for this service.

The Bundesliga should be really attractive to Americans due to the reasons in 2tone's post plus the quality of the league which includes the bulk of players for the World Champion German squad.

It's a shame that Fox has been so naive in their comparison of their own coverage to that of NBC and ESPN.

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Friday May 27, 2016 5:28pm

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ESPN needs to bid on a package deal with Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A to bring the best 4-5 games from those leagues each weekend to the American TV market.

For instance could have had:
Week 1:
Aug 15= Werder Bremen v Schalke, BVB v Monchengladbach
Week 2:
Aug 22 = Hannover v Leverkusen
Aug 23 = Bilbao v Barcelona, Juventus v Udinese, Fiorentina v AC Milan
Week 3:
Aug 29 = Barcelona v Malaga, Munich v Leverkusen
Aug 30 = Sevilla v At Madrid, BVB v hertha Berlin, Roma v Juventus
Week 4:
Sept 12 = At madrid v Barcelona, Hannover v BVB, Juventus v Chievo
Sept 13 = Inter Milan v AC Milan
Week 5:
Sept 19 = Wolfsburg v HSC Berlin, Real Madrid v Granada
Sept 20 = BVB v Leverkusen, Napoli v Lazio
Week 6:
Sept 26 = Villareal v At Madrid, Stuttgart v Monchen, Napoli v Juventus
Sept 27 = Frankfurt v HSC Berlin, Inter v Fiorentina
Week 7:
Oct 3 = Sevilla v Barcelona, Wolfsburg v Monchen
Oct 4 = Madrid Derby, Munich v BVB, AC Milan v Napoli (Nice day for futbol)


Would be a nice slate of games offered in USA to go with NBC's premier league
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Friday May 27, 2016 5:29pm

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As an American fan I'm excited to watch the bundesliga more than I ever have. However I can't wait to see what will happen in the Bpl next year with Leicester as defending champs

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Friday May 27, 2016 6:23pm

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Yep, Bundesliga is where its at next year. REALLLYY hoping Wood and Johannsson become top notch strikers for their respective clubs next season! I think Aron can if he can just get and stay healthy, and Bobby has all the tools to make the jump to the big time. With Dempsey aging and Altidore's inconsistency and never really making it at the highest level, the USMNT could really use some top flight forwards knocking in goals at the highest level week in and week out.

Also very excited to see where this whole Pulisic thing goes next year. I hope he can continue his meteoric rise. Likewise very excited about Haji. He looks to be following right along in Pulisic's footsteps. He scored 6 goals in 5 official games with schalke's u-19's.

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Friday May 27, 2016 6:57pm

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so frustrating with boyd and Gyau but I think Iceman will be back stronger, he was starting to look the part. Wood Will adjust nicely too

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Friday May 27, 2016 7:36pm

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ESPN is all about the NFL and SEC they are not going to spend the money to get that package

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Friday May 27, 2016 7:48pm

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Echoing everyone's sentiments, but until FOX pulls their heads out of their asses, the EPL is it for me. I would LOVE to watch as much Bundesliga as I do the EPL, but it's physically impossible. FOX has royally fucked the puppy with this one.
West Palm Beach
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Friday May 27, 2016 8:45pm

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The thing that pisses me off about FOX the most is charging to watch stuff online. It would be a lot better if they just offered more games online (even if it wasn't ALL of the games) and offered them for free (with a cable subscription/internet sub) like ESPN and NBC does.
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Saturday May 28, 2016 2:09am

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You can Tweet to Ian Paul Joy, he at least views all the tweets

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Saturday May 28, 2016 3:17am

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Also forgot to mention Caleb Stanko and Zack Steffen with Friberg and Russel Cannouse at Hoffenheim.

A lot of potential Americans to watch next season.

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Saturday May 28, 2016 3:47pm

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what are the updates on Stanko and Steffen? Stanko play a bunch of friberg 2 matches hopefully he can step up for this bundesliga season. Havent heard much on steffen, love that guy, seems to have enjoyed the pressure and spotlight in the u20 world cup

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