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Tuesday January 19, 2021 2:14am

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Original post from hamsamwich

It's crazy how the "silly season" has become more pragmatic. Players leaving and for a change some younger players coming back.

Red Bulls are bringing back Gloster it appears. Also seems like they are bringing cam Harper from Celtic. Nice young squad with their addition of Clark late last year.

I knew Gloster was likely to move to MLS after basically being released from PSV's youth team. But didn't hear that RB was in a position to sign him. As for Harper I haven't heard anything about him headed to MLS from Celtic. Last I'd seen he'd made his debut and had a decent showing when a good portion of the Celtic roster was held out for Covid related issues. I can't see Celtic selling him, but maybe they've agreed to a loan of some sort to get Harper some more 1st team minutes.
If Red Bulls does find a way to get both these guys for 2021...it should be a nice boost to the RB's roster.

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Tuesday January 19, 2021 2:58am

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They're both out of contract come June.

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