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Ideally the further up the field turnovers are generated (regardless of who performs the tackle) the better. High Pressing you're opponent denies them the chance to really become comfortable, get their heads up and pick out teammates. It also gives you the opportunity to force errant passes and get quick transitions with the numerical advantage.

Look at how we play against strong competition (German, Brazil, etc...) we tend to sit back and absorb pressure hoping for a moment of brilliance/luck to steal a result. Prime example is the 09 Confederations Cup win against Spain. The entire back 4 were within the penalty box while the 4 midfielders were basically camped out at the top of the 18. Only Jozy & Davis were up-field. And they were still fairly deep into our own half. Both our goals basically came from clearance/counter attack that caught Spain off-guard.

Conversely when we play weak sides (St. Vincent) nearly our entire team is in the opponents half....Even our CB's. We cram the passing lanes and force the opponent to blindly boot the ball to try and clear their own end. This makes it easier to recover possession, keep the pressure on, & either overload a player or catch them in transition.

When its working right the forwards pressure allows the midfielders to get easy take-aways (Barca, BM, etc...). When it doesn't work, than the outside backs/CBs are getting more tackles and its usually occurring deeper in our own half.

For this reason it's more important where the tackle occurs than who gets the stat.

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