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Thursday October 15, 2015 4:30am

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So I have had conversations with people that the US should expect to win the Olympic qualifying, u20, and u17 CONCACAF qualifying tournaments. While I understand the sentiment of expectations, I also did some digging and research on these teams throughout history.

The US u20's have never won the CONCACAF u20 tournament in a tournament format. They have finished first in their group when CONCACAF didn't run it as a tournament format. They finished first in their group in 1998, 2005 and 2007. Their were no championship games from 1998 through 2007.

The US 17's have only won the CONCACAF tournament 3 times since its inception in 1985. The most recent in 2011. Our most celebrated u17 team in 1999 finished behind Jamaica in group play and needed a home and away playoff series against El Salvador to book their place in the 1999 New Zealand WC.

According to these stats it shouldn't really be expected to always win the CONCACAF youth tournaments.

I think a lot of fans really don't know the history of these teams. And the struggles they have had.

If you look at Olympic qualifying CONCACAF tournaments the US has Only won that once in 1992. But that was just a round robin final round. It wasn't a knockout type of tournament. Is it really a huge surprise we lost to Honduras at this age level on Saturday? No. Honduras has two final wins in 2000 and 2008 and have finished runner up in 2012 and now in 2015. In fact in the last 5 Olympic qualifying tournaments the US has lost the final to Honduras in 2000, the US lost the final to Honduras in 2008, and were beat by Honduras in the semis this past Saturday in 2015. In fact Honduras has qualified for the last 4 out 5 Olympics since 2000. The US qualified in 2000 and 2008, and we have yet to see if they will qualify for the 2016 edition.

So is it really justified to say we should always be winning these tournaments? No, not really.

But at the Senior level the US is still more successful than every CONCACAF country besides Mexico.

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Thursday October 15, 2015 4:44am

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Revised: the U17 qualifiers From 2001 to 2007 were played in groups in round robins. From 2001 to 2007 the US u17's finished first in their groups.

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Thursday October 15, 2015 5:03am

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I think over the last year or so, we've seen that there are faaaaar too many people with faaaaaar too high expectations of the entire program. This news isn't shocking to me at all. And like we've said so often, that age range is such a crap shoot. One year they can look like world beaters, the next they could look like the team from The Big Green (before they win the championship)

Gloom-and-doom fans are the worst.
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Thursday October 15, 2015 5:16am

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i personally rate more the olympics, u20 and u17 world cup performance over CONCACAF tournament. We NEVER have our full squad and correct me if im wrong but I believe teams like Mexico and Honduras have their ways of getting their strongest squad but again not sure it feels like it at least. I mean Mexico somehow had Cubo torres released from Houston while Larin wasnt for Canada with Orlando. Could have been a different story for Canada as well. Larin was ripping it in MLS and could have taken us apart i mean he already took apart the RB with Miazga.

Mexico in u20 world cup while did win CONCACAF did absolutely nothing in the world cup while you USA was penalty shoot out away of a semi losing to the eventual champs. Now lets see the U17 world cup who are hell of talented but again need to prove it and have a difficult group and note that this is a team that barely qualified to this tournament by beating Jamaica at a penalty shoot out but lets see who does better Mexico (who won CONCACAF) or the USA.
Just like USMNT i think the expectation should be making it to the K.O rounds and if not then its a failure. I dont its far fetched if we are improving as a football nation unless we get a group that includes Ghana, Spain and France. With the best 4 3rd place teams making it i think its fair for a USA team.

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Thursday October 15, 2015 11:46am

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Excellent post. Youth soccer is so unpredictable (as is CONCACAF in general, really).

And when I saw the title I assumed you were talking about the program as a whole. It would be better fitting.

I remember when not getting spanked by Mexico was an accomplishment. We aren't really that much better than we were in those days (at least our best players aren't).

Now we have a couple bad games and lose to Mexico in the 118th minute and it's the darkest time in the history of our program.

I've never seen our fanbase like this. It's scary.
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Thursday October 15, 2015 4:26pm

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Original post from dunlopp9987

Gloom-and-doom fans are the worst.

Original post from dolcem

I've never seen our fanbase like this. It's scary.

Agree, however, it is the job of the analysts, more educated and rational press(there are few out there LIviu Bird, BSciaretta etc) to provide the rational argument, we also have several personalities shooting off the hip.

Fans should also make a concerted effort to understand the nuances of the Soccer world and not equate soccer to American sports, too many times they feel that players are oozing out of the woodwork and our coaching staff is failing or inept to discover them.

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