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Wednesday October 14, 2015 5:36am

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I missed the game but wasn't expecting too much...very low expectations. CR is a quality side and if we release MB from the game, we have almost no shot at even hoping for any continuity. We give JJ the keys in the have absolutely nothing going on period

This was going to be an ugly disjointed game...and the timing couldn't be any worse coming after such a let down against Mexico. I was hoping to see if 2-3 players could stand out...hoping that Dwill had improved...from what I understand he struggled with the same issues...sounds like Wood was a bright spot...maybe Nguyen warranted a couple more looks.

The game was a complete toss off...why are the media and some fans putting so much weight in it...almost on equal footing as the Mex loss...the continued failure...were we really expecting to hammer a team that has historically given us a very tough game even with our best 11...when we fielded a watered down "try out" squad.

JK is in a tough spot. He has to transition away from the older players, but he needs freaking younger players to step up and be as good or better than the older players. We haven't really seen anybody come in and make us go wow! that guy's like having another MB on the field. Practically every hopeful winger we had got injured. Guys we were counting on coming through to the nats never made it...causing the gap we have now.

It sounds awful but we're practically starting from scratch, forget the previous 4 years, all that time and effort went into the group that went to the WC and just lost to Mexico... We do have a handful of players to carry on and build the team around, but there is a lot of rebuilding to do...and it doesn't look like we're going to get it done with players like Bedoya, Mix, Zusi, Jozy...we have a gap and probably need to look at 2-3 guys from the U23s...need to absolutely take a look at Polster...some other guys from MLS, Nagbe and Finley...JK knows he needs to bring in a fresh new group of talent...that is absolutely going to happen.

With so much change, he runs the risk of alienating a bunch of current players and losing the locker room. And I absolutely agree with others that if it were to happen he would need to go. But as I posted before, if JK was savvy he would hitch his wagon to MB and build the team around him with his input...really critical that they are on the same page and only bring in like minded players that put the team first.

So JK has his work cut out for him...he has to remake the roster and successfully navigate the qualies...without completely losing the locker room...tough job...could go either way.

I'm anxious to see who he brings in...the stakes are so high, I'm anticipating a phenomenal recruiting effort from him.

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Wednesday October 14, 2015 5:52am

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And on top of that costa Rica were missing 3 of their best players.
Yet we struggled badly and were lucky not to get blown out!!!

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Wednesday October 14, 2015 8:17am

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here is the scenario I think would be likely "if" some changes were made:

1. JK set strictly as the technical director.
2. A capable coach who isn't under contract as the first team coach with a current club, a person who won't demand a whole bunch of money, and who understands the player pool and the players coming up. That would leave Andi Herzog, Tab Ramos, Thomas Rongen as possible candidates. Or you could really kind of go outside the box and talk to German-American David Wagner, who coaches Borussia Dortmund 2, as a possible candidate.

And don't give me any ridiculous names of coaches who would demand a crap ton of money e.g. Herrera, Gus Hiddink etc....

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Wednesday October 14, 2015 2:24pm

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Hire Klopp
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Wednesday October 14, 2015 2:37pm

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Original post from yodaddy101

Hire Klopp

Too late, he's at Liverpool sad to say. Hoped he would turn them down as I think he'll do well there. Although they don't have the money of city, Chelsea, and MUFC even though they spend big in comparison to the rest of the pack.
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Wednesday October 14, 2015 2:40pm

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Original post from chris_thebassplayer

So JK has his work cut out for him...he has to remake the roster and successfully navigate the qualies...without completely losing the locker room...tough job...could go either way.

I'm anxious to see who he brings in...the stakes are so high, I'm anticipating a phenomenal recruiting effort from him.

Yesterdays game was literally the final straw for a few of those players out there. I think Klinsman saw from the past two games and the Olympic qualifying who really wants to be there for WC qualifying.

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Wednesday October 14, 2015 5:42pm

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What I saw IMO:

A team lacking any type of confidence and look lost.

A coach who, when cameras were on him, looked lost as to what to do . Don't know if others noticed but after games, win or lose, JK waits and shakes hands with the players as they come off but last night after shaking hands with CR's coach he left into locker room.

Jozy is just a cone on the field waiting for the ball to come right to him.

Williams had his worst game at the worst time possible. He's better than that performance.

Cameron showed these two games he deserve to be in the starting XI.

We have players with the skill to win, we need someone who can bring that out in them. As a fan of JK I'm sad to say he isn't the one to do that.

Side note, someone mentioned CR were missing three top payers, well you can say we did too without MB, FJ, AJ plus Bedoya being ill. So they actually fielded a much tougher team than we did, not that we can use that as an excuse.

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Wednesday October 14, 2015 10:31pm

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Twellman was really critical of Juergen for "airing the team's dirty laundry" about Fabian but I am glad he did. Had Fabian just been missing from every roster from now until early next year I would have been fuming. At least now I know not to expect to see Fabian for a while.

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Thursday October 15, 2015 12:20am

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DUDE this whole thing as an organization needs to be shaken up three matches in a row to go out there and lose is gross... the way we recruit players has to change the way that we train players needs to change looking for the fastest guy or the tallest guy is got to change, please stop looking at jozy altidore as the model for a striker please stop calling him to the national team he is the worst forward he canot create a goal for him self his first touch is probably the worst ive ever seen on a human being and after the 30 min mark he gassed national team ball isnt the same as the Eredivisie , bringing nack spector and orosco to the line up is stupid when you have talent in the mls you could have used for this game

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