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Saturday September 19, 2015 1:49pm

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Stone that is one of the most horrifying stories I've ever heard.

Yeh man, it was really scary. It freaked everyone on the team and parents out so bad that our season just ended right there. We didn't go to the district tourney and my friend who collided with the keeper, never player organized soccer again.

Whenever I hear people say soccer ain't a contact sport, or not dangerous sport, or a sissy sport, it always enrages me to no end!!

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Friday October 23, 2015 4:13pm

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Went to the Copa Sudamericana match last night. Independiente vs. Independiente Santa Fe. I was in the platea (the seats on the side that you see on TV, which was expensive and not what I wanted. The people there actually sit all game, whereas the people in el popular stand. They're the real fans. Someone tried to sell me a ticket but I knew it was a scam and didn't accept it. Later, I asked another person who was selling (you have to be a socio to buy tickets and I haven't paid my dues in months) and he pointed me out to a barra brava. He asked for 500 pesos and I only had 400 (about 40 dollars, which is an absolute fortune for me), which he accepted, after giving me a bunch of (unfriendly) shit for being American and ranting about how we should have to pay four or five thousand.

I had really high expectations for the match because we've been on fire recently. Our last match we won 4-0, and the one before it we beat River Plate 3-0. But it was incredibly disappointed. Maybe it was because we were missing our #6, Jesus Mendez, who was the best player in the superclasico if you remember. He's dirty and always gets carded for stupid shit, and in the last Sudamericana match he got himself sent off with a couple minutes left to play. We were also missing Christian Rodriguez, who arrived a couple months ago. You guys might know him-Uruguayan winger who played for Porto and Atletico Madrid. Anyway, since he came to the team, we have been really dominant every time he is on the field. But he was injured in the last international window playing a qualifier for Uruguay.

The best part though was that being in the Platea, I had amazing seats. But I hate sitting all game...that to me isn't what you're supposed to do at a soccer match. So I went on to the sideline and hung on the clear plastic divider that separates the field from the players. It's elevated and at an angle, but you can stand on the wall underneath it and hang there. My arms hurt like hell, but I have never seen the players up so close in any sporting event. Anyway, we played like shit and had a penalty saved. It was a soft penalty and I remember thinking that I wanted us to score in a better way and not by such a cheap goal. So stupid. Then in the 65th minute they scored on one of their only chances all game. Well, it wasn't even a chance really, the guy passed it towards the goal and our keeper, normally one of our best players, somehow accidentally kicked it in. People came to the plastic divider to scream and swear at him all game. I felt bad about it, he's a human being and made a mistake and has bailed us out of a lot of the games. I'll admit though that I had a few words for him myself. The coach brought on two attacking players that we haven't used in weeks...it was obvious that we were desperate. But we never really put together any great chances. The team just didn't gel. Our captain and best player, Federico Mancuello, played his first full match on Sunday after coming back from an injury (he was out for like four months) and he doesn't seem to be the player he was last season, when out of nowhere he played better than anyone in the Argentine league in the 2014-15 season.

The atmosphere wasn't nearly as good as the Superclasico and I didn't even get to sell a goal. Worse, this was my last chance to see Independiente win something. This is my second time living in Argentina but I'm leaving soon. While here, I saw River win two titles, Boca win two (assuming they wrap up this season's this weekend), Racing, our arch-rivals who never win anything, win one, River Plate win a Copa Sudamericana, and Estudiantes and San Lorenzo each win a Copa Libertadores. But Independiente never won shit. I'm leaving soon and this was my last chance. I hope to God we can somehow beat ISF in Colombia next Thursday but I don't know if Rodriguez will be back and it will be a very difficult task. It was just really deflating because people haven't been this excited about Independiente in years.

If you guys want to read about my superclasico experience, you can at my blog: https://thosespinningplates.wordpress.com/201...
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