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Thursday September 28, 2017 2:22am

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Original post from mmee

Dave, I agree, but not with your choice of alternates..

The alternates were more projecting towards the future. They have started the season well, and if they can continue this trend than they could be well positioned by the end of the season to step in. I agree that I should have included Lletget....but I forgot since he hasn't returned from injury yet.

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Monday December 25, 2017 1:23am

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Has made 3 straight starts. Sunderland has gotten 5 points in those games and are now a point out of Relegation zone since his inclusion.

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Saturday August 4, 2018 2:35pm

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Last minute game winner for Sunderland today in their League One bow. It's a gamble staying there but at least currently he's a big part of their team.

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Tuesday June 9, 2020 5:28pm

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League One season has been ended, Sunderland not promoted, so unless he leaves Gooch is still in League One next season. He turns 25 in December, if anyone in the Championship is interested he should seriously consider leaving. Worked out well for Duane Holmes in a similar situation.

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Tuesday June 9, 2020 8:19pm

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He really loves Sunderland they've been with him the whole way. I don't see him moving unless it's a big move for him.

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Wednesday June 10, 2020 1:26am

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He's heavily linked to Middlesbrough
Lone Star State(Gun State)
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Thursday June 11, 2020 4:50pm

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He needs a move bad now, him staying would be horrible for his career. I did see Middelsbrough were interested, also saw MLS teams were too. Hope he moves to a Championship side, he's good enough for that level, his loyalty to his club appears to have hurt his career some...

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