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Monday June 1, 2015 5:06pm

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Original post from TheTruth

Funny, I got the same sense with GZ too. He didn't look great, but looked smooth, comfortable. Which is good.

2 things which will be good for the USA moving forward regarding GZ.

A-He's not afraid to go at people and take them one on one, but by evidence with the Myanmar game, he apparently is a pretty quick learner and doesn't "have to" play that way.

B-He is a great passer and has good vision, so he is smooth in attack, which makes the offense more smooth as well.

I don't think he is a Winger, don't think he is pacy enough for that. But I think he is going to be a great #10. Which is what the USMNT perhaps needs more than anything else in its setup. He is creative with the ball. He is a playmaker that is still growing into the role and will grow a lot more (really there aren't many better places besides Arsenal for guys to learn in that aspect).

With the depth of players we have that can be and/or are Defensive Midfielders and/or box to box midfielders (perhaps the one thing the USMNT has in abundance), having a true #10 that can run the offense will be a huge boost.

When you add in what looks like a very good up and coming 2nd striker type in Rubin. If we can have just one of the young Forwards step forward as a true Target/Poacher type Striker, then our offense will be set up nicely.

What I am hoping for come 2022 (way far out...I know), if these guys can develop is going to be a team that can go very far, because it should be setup well and cohesive.

GK-Steffan/Horvath/Cropper/Hamid/Johnson (lot of options there)
LB-Acosta (good pace, can get forward and help in the attack...will provide width)
CB-CCV (between JAB and CCV we could be looking at 2 top class if not world class CB's)
RB-Yedlin (GREAT pace, can get forward and help in the attack, with JAB will provide good experience for the defense)
DM/CM - Hyndman (There might be better options in terms of true DM's. But I'm trying to get the best XI on the field.
LM-Green (From what others have said he has looked much better the last 2 games, could help in the attack in that aspect and provide a good combo with Acosta on the left)
RM-Gill (not sure if he can play on this side or not)
CAM-Zelalem (orchestrator of the attack)
2S-Rubin (will be like an advanced CAM)

With Sonora, EPB, Shea, Agudelo, AJ, Pelosi coming off the bench
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Monday June 1, 2015 5:08pm

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I hear you blaise. And nothings worth than Italy, Argentina, Spain, Portugal.

Regarding the idea of retro penalties. I don't know why they havent been able to do that. Just do things like if a club complains and they look at the tape you get fined an escalating dollar amount. After so many fines you get suspended. They could also just give retroactive yellows and count them towards suspensions like regular yellows so in tournements you really cant afford to dive as a retroactive yellow could give you 1 or 2 game suspension while in league play it will add towards the 5 or whatever is needed for suspension. It would stop the blatant diving real quickly.

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