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Saturday May 2, 2015 8:40am

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Refs broke another match.
I realize that there are going to be broken matches in this sport, because of how valuable a goal is, and how detrimental a red card is.


100% broken match. Good job, yellow.

Supposedly, that's a deliberate play by Beckerman, a split second after a heavy shot pings off his teammate...?

And I guess Wondolowski didn't gain an advantage and affect how Beckerman had to play the ball, either..... right? (If they changed this part of offside interpretation, they need to change it back. Being allowed to steal from a defender who just blocked a pass toward you while you're offside is just about as bad as letting the pass get through.

As for any doubt that Beckerman knew Wondolowski was there, and so actually played that ball in that direction deliberately, watch the replay again.

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Saturday May 2, 2015 2:14pm

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He was offside- but then again the own goal was garbage too. 1-1 probably the correct result even though it was the wrong way to get there.

The refs are awful. Anyone else with tickets to the games knows it's even worse in person.

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