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Thursday March 26, 2015 2:27am

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There were a lot of good points made I read, like we lack players that take people 1v1 and how we have no exciting prospects in MLS like we do dual nationals. Lack of development by MLS academies. But we can see the benefit of MLS academies in the current u20s and our other YNTS, just look at the drop of talent from the u23s to the u20s..(93s&94sV95s&96s).

NO KLINSMANN does not need to be fired.. We ARE in a transition phase. Gyau was a revelation for us on the wings going past players and actually producing.

Hopefully players like Gyau, Gatt, Picault will give us more in the future. Zardes belongs up top.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 2:42am

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I missed the game live and just caught up on the game and the last five pages of this thread.

First the lineup. I loved it. Some of you guys will never be satisfied with anything Klinsmann does. In this match he gave us a heck of a lot of what we wanted to see.

Did it work? Not really, but I feel like we learned way more from this Friendly than usual.

Chandler in his normal RB, Garza over Shea, Zardes on the right wing after his Panama performance, Fabian is "his best position" of LM, Bradley the Captain and in a deeper MF position plus Jozy and Aron up top. There were a lot of Bedoya comments in this thread but for my money Bedoya has been one of our best players since the World Cup so if Klinsmann wanted to try him out in a CM partnership with Bradley that was fine by me.

To add to the exciting starting lineup Klinsmann used Shea as LM and Yedlin as RM, he brought on Rubin and Morales. Again, pretty exciting subs in interesting positions. One minor complaint is that I would have rather seen Rubin for Jozy since we know exactly what Jozy gives us. That is of course a minor comment but Juergen's one really poor decision was bringing on Alvarado with 10 mins to go. Given the latest string of results I think the team could have benefited from no further subs (especially in D) to see of they could hang on to the 2-1 lead.

All in all I was really pleased with Juergen's roster decisions despite the result.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 2:56am

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Second, the results.

Both outside backs had rough games. I don't know why Chandler looks so bad in a US jersey but I'm happy we tried him out at RB instead of LB. I've unpopularly argued that Fabian is our best RB and this game further convinced me that Fabian should be given "Beasley treatment" to be our RB going forward irrespective of what Gladbach thinks.

Bradley was our best player by far. He's all over the place and busts his tail to close down space. Not his best game but I really liked seeing him in a deeper position even if Bedoya or Morales was usually behind him. He should be our captain going forward.

Orozco was our second most consistent player. He had one bad moment early in the second half, otherwise he was solid and bailed us out a few times. He should definitely ve in serious consideration for a CB spot

I really want to see more of Hamid but I can't fault Rimando in this game. The goals weren't on him.

Jozy had two great moments on the goals and was pretty poor the rest of the game. I thought Darke and Twellman were too critical on Aron's goal. The Sunderland Jozy definitely takes the shot and likely stuffs it up. Aron was prettt well marked but the fact that Jozy had the cofidence to lay that ball off instead of shooting has me believing that Jozy got his groove back.

Bedoya was largely invisible but then started tackling like he was playing FIFA at the end of the half.

Zardes undid his great performance against Panama. Most of his first touches and passes were poor.

Alvarado was horrible in his debut. Tough spot for him since he only had 10 mins and came on for one of our best players of evening. I would definitely give him another look against the Swiss but lets find better timing to bring him on for both him and the team.

Disappointing result but I really feel that we have a ton to take away.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 3:14am

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Watching the game replay on espn3 and various other highlights I notice a couple of things people might not have seen.

1. Lack of communication by the centerbacks. In the international game one of the most important things is organization and communication. The centerbacks play a big role in organizing the central midfield ahead of them and the left right backs beside them. I did not see much communication whereas the danish defense was a lot more organized with the midfield when the us attacked.

2. Tactically players looked lost a lot. Perhaps one of klinsmanns bigger things to do is experimentation beasley at left back Jones Center back danny williams at right mid... Some work some dont and others are a work in progress. However one problem with this is it can confuse the player tactically. Gyasi Zardes at wing when he is an out and out striker for LA. Timmy chandler has played left back for the usmnt for nearly a year today he switches back to right back but the problem is any chemistry gained with john brooks the past year is gone. Now he has a new partner in orozco and well that partnership today was not good. Brek Shea is the left back of the future for the us and then he plays left wing. Deandre yedlin played right back before then switches back to right wing for today. Internationally partnerships are important and vital just like positions. It is important to tinker but at some point you have to make a decision and stick with it. If a player does not know what his position will be it can lead to confusion and that's what happened today.

3. The collapsing shape of the united states during games and the inability to maintain a lead. Perhaps the most troubling part of the united states recent friendly form has been giving up goals late on. Losing winnable games consistently is not a recipe for winning it is a recipe for disaster. Firstly On the first goal Bendter is wide open in the middle for the goal the closest player near him is five yards to his right. Who is marking bendtner and why is someone that open in goal. At first glance it looks like Gyasi Zardes fault but why is Zardes that far deep and no one else around him. An offside trap has been initated but problematically Zardes and Garza both dont move with the offside trap the danish player is played onside. Chandler raises his hand as from his view everyone has moved to make the danish players offside. Garza then tries to rather then playing offside trap tries to anticipate the ball. The danish player then lays it off orozco realizing the offside trap hasnt worked sprints back. Zardes is in no mans land he neither rushes back to defend or plays offside trap he is at fault and questions should be asked as to why he is the deepest defender in the first place before the ball is played. Second goal was the worst defending of them all. The ball gets played left garza tries to defend cross but he is in improper position when allowing crosses you force them to cross near the endline with the theory that the goalkeeper ends up getting it. Instead he is protecting the endline and allows him a better crossing position unluckily ball deflects rimando stays on the line even though the ball is in the air for 2 or 3 seconds bad decision by rimando. Alvarado makes critical mistake he fails to pick up danish player and chandler and Yedlin are forced to cover the middle. Then on the glancing header ball goes to bendtner alvarado is in no mans land and rimando cant stop the shot. Fault Alvarado and Rimando. Third goal the defense its brooks fault for not statying with bendtner when the ball is played on a diagonal pass. Defensive line is too high at the time when possession is turned over Brooks gets caught by not keeping attacker in front of him and allows attacker to get behind him. Analyzing the situation lack of communication and silly decisions by players the game against switzerland will tell me a lot about this team for the cycle and how quickly they can make adjustments.

Our team is in a transition phase if the coaching staff can make things simpler establish the players position and keep it that way. Establish what they want each player to do. Set a starting 11 and allow the players to focus on building chemistry. Build a strong tactical shape if you want to press then inform the players when and where to press. Altidore pressed the ball well and so did bradley however other players struggled with pressing so this needs to be worked on. Orozco longballed way to much and gave up a lot of possession this needs to be cut down. After the switzerland friendly decisions need to be made about which players are no longer in contention for the gold cup.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 3:39am

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Omg I hate this fucking excuses just say it we aren't that good we have players coming up but once they have a bad game forget them. If JK says we wil make the Semis next WC the man is on drugs. Is astonishing how bad we play bob Bradley at least played attractive Soccer... WTF happened to that attacking style Jurgen promised..???? Nothing Zero not at all. We were all fooled. Is not even April fools yet geeez.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 4:52am

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Original post from admsghs27

Omg I hate this fucking excuses just say it we aren't that good we have players coming up but once they have a bad game forget them. If JK says we wil make the Semis next WC the man is on drugs. Is astonishing how bad we play bob Bradley at least played attractive Soccer... WTF happened to that attacking style Jurgen promised..???? Nothing Zero not at all. We were all fooled. Is not even April fools yet geeez.

Watch your head Admsghs, the sky is falling...

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Thursday March 26, 2015 7:38am

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Original post from tylercocinas

Watch your head Admsghs, the sky is falling...

No Jk is sinking the ship but we are hanging on and keeping it alive. At some point we have to let go and move on and ride the other ship before is to late.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 7:49am

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Original post from admsghs27

No Jk is sinking the ship but we are hanging on and keeping it alive. At some point we have to let go and move on and ride the other ship before is to late.

Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble

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Thursday March 26, 2015 9:02am

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I'm never going to get too ticked off when JK is testing players in different positions and experimenting.

I've never been a fan of throwing too many unknowns or variables into a game. I believe you can really only truly evaluate 1-2 players at a time when they're surrounded by a very strong 11. So all over the field we have combinations of players that have rarely played together or are being played out of routine positions....and all this with basically 2 days training.

You really can't draw jack about team performance from this game.

JK told us flat out that the beginning of this cycle was about identifying and bringing in players...results though nice, were secondary. I don't give a rats ass about leaking second half goals, when he's making a ridiculous amount of subs in the second halves of friendlies...two goals scored after he changes out a CB in the 80th min with Denmark pushing the game...big surprise.

Since our overall talent level is not up to standard international levels, our only chance to be competitive is to truly have our full side, with a least a week together to work on tactics.

I think we'll see a more cohesive game against the Swiss just due to the additional training time.

JK will be judged by results in meaningful games...starting with the Gold Cup. If it looks like crap at that time then we have a problem.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 10:24am

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Bradley and Morales should get the start against Switzerland, with Williams as a second half sub. Orozco and Brooks should get the nod again to start. They played well enough. Shea at LB and Yedlin at RB. Pick your poison on the wings. I'd like to see Rubin start this one and Jozy sit out. A lot to take away, and though I'm pissed about the way we finished, we had like 6 substitutions in the second half. I just hope Klinnsman stops drawing names out of a hat to make this subs, and starts establishing some consistency in player selection- sooner than later. Our midfield was so disjointed in the first half.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 11:38am

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Before the hexagonal we sucked. We struggled with JK but made it to the hex. We looked ok but made it at the hex. Ill give the WC good to jk even though we played shit but for Portugal's match. His squad decisions were iffy and this stupid shit about playing players out of position is constant. Almost every match. The Gold Cup was won thanks to Landon. If we did not have Landon, who knows if we would have been to the final. Yes we can't make club like decisions for national teams and he should be judged by tournaments but he shouldn't be doing stuff he does on national teams as if they were a club. At this rate and our CONCACAF opponents, i don't see USA winning GC. If Mexico takes vela and herrera, Costa Rica takes their A team and JK takes invisible Johnson at left wing and his experiments, we're done.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 2:55pm

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I think most people are getting too bent out of shape over a friendly! The constant tinkering with lineups and players is frustrating to most fans (myself included). That being said it is important to establish our depth and create competition for roster spots. It is my sincere hope that our next round of friendlies before the Gold Cup we bring our true A team and build as much chemistry as possible.

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Thursday March 26, 2015 3:31pm

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All I'll say is that this slump better not extend its way into the Gold Cup! I can take us crumbling in difficult FRIENDLIES away in Europe against quality comp, but if this slump makes its way into the Gold Cup and we see this team giving away leads and getting embarrassed by Mexico and Costa Rica I'm gonna be REALLY pissed!

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Thursday March 26, 2015 4:58pm

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Does anyone else think Chandler sucks? I have never been able to see the potential in him that others seem to. People always include him in their lineups etc. and I always hope he does not start. Whenever he does play I really try to have an open mind and honestly evaluate his performance but he always seems to play like crap in my opinion. I do remember one game where I though he bossed it pretty good but that was the exception not the rule. I have never seen him play for his club team, maybe he is really good for them. In a US kit he has not been impressive to me. I thought he was awful vs. Denmark. Does anyone else thinks as I do or am I way out on a limb? How long do we keep giving him chances if he can't perform for the nats?

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Thursday March 26, 2015 5:41pm

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Chandler is inconsistent. I can't deny that. However I felt after watching the replay, he was leaps and bounds better than Garza.

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