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Tuesday August 11, 2015 11:12pm

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Original post from Kamphgruppe

Well we certainly should not consider the guys that play around them or that one team is an expansion team. Clearly these head to head matchups should be our only basis for deciding which player is better. You really stuck it to us this time rain!!!

Not just the head-to-head matchups, no, of course not. And yes I can tell you're being sarcastic.

But as for who is generally having a better season, I think that we have to admit that it's 'stache, even considering NYCFC as an expansion club (with a massive salary and legendary players now). I suppose that another good measurement of 'stache vs mane will be the 2nd half of the season when NYCFC gets its chemistry going. But at present, we have to admit that the first half-season went to 'stache.

This is irrespective of other important questions:
Do they both suck?? That's an overstatement.
Why does rainORshine seem to disappear when he's massively wrong and speak up when he's massively right.

For the record, I am saying 'stache is in the lead even though I hate him and I picked mane to win the duel at season's start. I'm trying to get some rethinking and some publicly admitting one's bad guesses going around here. Anyone with me?

rain, you first dude? Confess that the disappearing acts have been well-timed for when you're wrong and you're waiting for the heat to blow over??

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Tuesday August 11, 2015 11:31pm

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Original post from rainORshine

or not


When Kljestan lined up for the free kick, I said what lucky fan in the second deck is about to get a souvenir!

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Wednesday August 12, 2015 1:40pm

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Who is this Kljestan character?
Rey Regicide
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Friday September 9, 2016 1:36pm

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I'd like to think that the reason I didn't comment on this thread was because I too realized how clueless I was on this subject matter

and not because I forgot my password for a couple months... =|

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Friday September 9, 2016 2:00pm

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I don't have horses in these races

I don't own horses

I'm from the concrete jungle area

But I have to admit certain moves are like... sooo weird from Jurgen

Villafana is one of them

Nagbe not getting ANY minutes, then giving Sascha those minutes is TRUELY weird.

The common trhead between the two is that they were both on the Portland team that did great, and had owners bad mouthing Jurgen, I thought rather harshly.

But yea, Villafana hasn't been called in, and Nagbe has been placed on the peripheral.

And yea, Nagbe isn't a like for like with Sascha, but at the very least, JK has put him out in the Bedoya position, and I feel he could have done better than Bedoya these past two games.

It's weird, we have to admit it's weird right?

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Friday September 9, 2016 5:14pm

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I declare this thread null & void without Rain.

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