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Monday February 23, 2015 6:14pm

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Original post from MSantoine


GK: Bring back Shuttlesworth who proved to be more than adequate in net.

Def: Loss of Soares will hurt but he was arguably their weakest defender. Expect Farrell to make a leap to push for US callup on non-FIFA dates.

MF: Jones will miss time with his injury but when he comes back him and Nguyen form a dynamic pairing that play to each others strengths. Rowe will look to bounce back and work his way back up the MLS ladder.

Attackers: The rich get richer. Swagudelo has so much to prove. Diego should improve with his buddy back in tow. So many attacking options they should never fall into much of a slump.

Outlook: May be in a better position due to other teams stepping back then actually stepping forwards themselves. DC will have a hectic schedule and didnt add many new pieces. NYRB took an obvious step back. Toronto has such a mismash its hard to judge what they'll be. Two new expansion teams. SKC moved to western conference. Throw in the fact that they failed to qualify for CCL and have a good enough bench to rest guys during US Open cup weeks. Top two finish should be expected and they should have their sights set at #1 and a shield. Anything less than Eastern Conference Finals appearance will be considered a failure

Great preview! Will be interesting to see what happens and who gets playing time with both jones and Nguyen sidelined after surgery. Revs being a bit evasive as to the nature of Lee's injury and the preventative operation he underwent.

I also am a huge fan of Caldwell and admirer as a player and as a person since the first game he played. He IMO is their most underrated player (albeit not likely USMNT caliber). Jones and Nguyen are on record as to his importance in their run of success. (His attitude off the pitch is also incredible.)

The backline right now is not deep enough. Barnes can fill in anywhere but with both Alston and Tierney missing time consistently the last couple seasons they are really quite thin. Another interesting storyline is how will heaps give his stacked midfield and front line requisite playing time to keep everyone happy. Injuries initially will help that but I would also not be surprised to see a couple players looking to depart come midyear. Fagundez will, now that he has a taste of time with Uruguay, want to try and expand for further opportunities and there were rumors clubs were interested. Before he was drafted by the revs, Rowe was looking towards Europe and believe he may have even trialed in Germany. Should either or both those have a good start it would not be surprising to see them sign elsewhere which might derail the season.

Agree less than eastern conference finals is a total bust.

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Monday February 23, 2015 7:25pm

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San Jose Earthquakes

New Stadium

No legit signings

Last place

I will be at the soft opening pre-season game vs LA Galaxy

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Monday February 23, 2015 7:34pm

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Original post from BG6

Soares signed today for Viking in Norway. He also trialed briefly for Bradley but it wasn't in the cards for either side.

I wont pretend I've been up to speed on every Soares news but this is what I saw as well. He looks like he is determined to play in Europe. My guess is he'll land somewhere in Scandanavia or maybe a belgium/denmark 2nd divison squad. Id be surprised if he came back

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Monday February 23, 2015 7:36pm

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Original post from MSantoine

I wont pretend I've been up to speed on every Soares news but this is what I saw as well. He looks like he is determined to play in Europe. My guess is he'll land somewhere in Scandanavia or maybe a belgium/denmark 2nd divison squad. Id be surprised if he came back

And of course if I checked SBI before this site I would have seen that today Viking signed him for 18 months. Goold luck to AJ

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Monday February 23, 2015 10:52pm

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I can say the closest mls team to a fan I am is sporting kansas city. I have a ton of family that lives in the kansas city area and a couple are big SKC Fans. So I will do SKC here it goes.

Key Additions- Anibaba, Kriszitan Nemeth, Luis Marin, Bernando Anor, Roger Espinoza, Soni Mustivar
Key Losses- Aurelien Collin, Igor Juliao, Claudio Bieler, CJ Sapong, Andy Gruenebaum, Eric Krongberg,Sal Zizzo,Sonny Saad

Breakout player- Krisztian Nemeth remember the name. He has been on fire in preseason scoring 5 goals in 3 games. He can play at the number 9 or as a winger who can cut in. Last played for Roda and his goal scoring numbers were average. Will he translate his preseason form to regular season. With defenses having to focus on dwyer and Anor running at defenses it will open up plenty of scoring opportunities. He will be key to SKC and how well they do in the regular season and playoffs.

Biggest Potential Disappointment- Ike Opara much is expected of the man to replace Collin. However injuries have ravaged his career the past couple seasons. Much like the past couple years I expect an injury to happen even if it is not necessarily season ending I think Jalil Anibaba comes in and plays at a high level.

Luis Marin- Undispiuted first goalkeeper could be a breakout player.
Tim Melia- Second Goalkeeper could be passed by Kempin.
Jon Kempin- Recently called up to a us camp a player for the future.

Saad Abdul-Salaam- Depth
Jalil Anibaba-Depth has fallen far from early days in chicago. Pivotal season for him.
Matt Besler-Captain He will need to get back to his best for skc to contend for a cup.
Amadou Dia- Depth
Kevin Ellis- Best depth showed his versatality at centerback right back and left back.
Chance Myers-Starting Right back SKC will need him to stay healthy.
Ike Opara-Presumed second center back has to stay healthy or could get passed.
Erik Palmer-Brown- The jewel of SKC's Homegrown.
Seth Sinovic-Starting left back and key player for the team
Marcel De Jong* SKC is considering adding him would play at left back or could be used at left wing.

Bernardo Añor- Potential Starter brings pace and open up field for Nemeth and Dwyer
Servando Carrasco-Depth
Jorge Claros-Depth needs to step up in second season.
Roger Espinoza- Key Player his arrival is the biggest addition for SKC and fills a position of need.
Benny Feilhaber- Key Player he played a big role in SKC winning the mls cup in 2013.
Connor Hallisey-Depth
Mikey Lopez-Young player for future
James Marcelin- Depth
Jimmy Medranda- Young Colmbian Winger could see larger role this season
Soni Mustivar- Recently acquired from Romania will provide quality depth at CDM.
Paulo Nagamura- Potential Starting box to box midfielder
Graham Zusi- First name on the sheet will be leaders of the team he is healthy again

Dom Dwyer- Key player his movement and finishing ability he is one of the top five forwards in mls.
Kristzian Nemeth- Being played on the wings he is doing well in preseason five goals in three games
Jacob Peterson- Top bench player for SKC, he is the 12th man for SKC.

Predictions- SKC is one of the top mls teams. They have gotten good acquisitions in Espinoza, Marin, and Nemeth. This team can compete for mls cup. I predict they will finish second in the west Seattle in my opinion is the best team in the west. I predict losing in the western confrence finals will be their outcome. Seattle will rule the west with SKC, and LA leading the west at times during the season.

1. Who will step up at second center back will opara be able to stay healthy or will someone else step up and partner besler.
2. How good is marin. If he plays to his potential he is top 5 mls goalkeeper if not SKC could face problems in mls playoffs.
3. Will SKC stay healthy last season skc defensively was decimated by injuries and their defense wasn't up to standard. With Collin out how will Kansas Citys defense play this year.

Boston, Mass
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Original post from blaise213

San Jose Earthquakes

New Stadium

No legit signings

Last place

I will be at the soft opening pre-season game vs LA Galaxy

I have to hand it to you Blaise. As much as your critical posts of MLS and domestic players irks some posters on here, you are pretty good about supporting the Quakes despite your complaints (some of which I think are completely founded).

Now for my thoughts on the Revs.

Goalkeeper: Decent.

Defense: I actually think that if Farrell and Goncalves can get some chemistry going they could be better than the Soares, JoGo combo of last year. I think Farrell's athletism will help the Revs play that high line without such a fear of getting hit on the break. Farrell needs to simplify his game tho in my opinion in order to make a swift transition. I worry about Defensive depth as much as anything else. Seems like an injury or two could put us in a bit of trouble.

Midfield: Should be among the best in MLS. Good mix of bite and creativity. Good depth. Should be interesting who plays wide. Rowe and Bunbury will probably start the season but we will see if Fagundez can reclaim some of his form. He's 20 now and has been a pro for 5 years. I think what happened was he just didn't put in the defensive work rate that we saw from Teal and Rowe. He is immensely talented though so hopefully he can get back to his best.

Forwards: I was worried after we lost Mullins because I think he had good potential and I was worried about the lack of depth. Now with Agudelo it should be interesting to see how they line up.

Good depth and talent for MLS. Lots of skill sets too so I think this team will be able to role out multiple formations and still be successful. Excited for the upcoming season. Now let's just hope it happens!

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It's nice when your team is a contender for the title every year. And so it will be again. However, I do think the Galaxy will be only slightly improved at best. Combine that with the fact that they might not have been consistently the best team in the league last year (Seattle??) and you'd have to figure that most teams will be getting better, and I think LA will be lucky to make it to the conference finals this year.

The Legend gone. -
Gerrard should enter as easily one of the best players in the league, but I think the biggest question mark is how well he integrates. +
Keane - MVP, but 1 year older. He ain't no spring chicken. -
Zardes - Starting to enter the prime of his career. +
Rogers - Should be better with a full year of learning his new LB trade. +
Juninho, Gonzo, Dellagarza, Husidic, Leonardo - All these guys still well in their prime years so should be improving. +
Penedo - Not a fan, but we managed to win it all last year with him. neutral
Sarvas - Gone. It's a loss. -
Dunivant, Gargan, Gordon - Thanks guys, but getting old. -
Jamieson - Looked pretty good at U-20s, but I can't see him making an impact. neutral
Villareal - Kinda forgotten, maybe he can get back on the trajectory he was on 2 years ago. neutral

Can't wait to see Gerrard in a Galaxy uniform. Now if they just don't strike. . .

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@recycledhumans-- "well.... we're waiting!"

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Original post from hamsamwich

@recycledhumans- "well.... we're waiting!"

I knew something like this was coming! Given that I'm the only one with an FCD logo for my profile pic, I suppose it does fall to here we go:

FC Dallas 2015

Don't expect any earth-shattering change from last season, but we should be back in the playoffs. Oscar took the helm of the bus last season and did what he could to keep it on the road, but this is his team now and it's shown with the energy on the pitch and the emphasis on cultivating youth. In the interest of making sure this isn't too long, I'll highlight just a few areas/players to keep an eye on throughout the season:

1. Goalkeeper battle: Picking up Kennedy was a bit of a headscratcher at first, we already had the Peruvian No. 1, the Mexican U-20 No. 1, and Chris Seitz, a proven veteran. When Raul was released, I was left perplexed until reading Clavijo's reasoning behind it. As has been done the past few seasons, I expect Kennedy and Seitz to pretty much split the regular season games, Kennedy might get the edge in the playoffs.

2. Defense/Back 4: The most consistent part of the FCD back 4 in 2014, was its inconsistency. Felt like every week was a new configuration, different combination of players, etc. Hedges was the rock at CB and has already been confirmed as the club captain for this season. We've brought in a few options, including our top draft pick Otis Earle, to provide a little more depth, but don't expect the major players to change. Acosta (when fit) will battle Loyd for the starting RB spot, Loyd may now be the preferred second CB with as well as he did filling in last season, and Hernandez seems to have the starting LB slot on lockdown. Since Loyd isn't a natural CB and seems to be used as a utility defender, look for Zimmerman to get a good amount of minutes this year if he can stay healthy.

3. Pareja likes 'em young: A hallmark of Oscar's time in Colorado was his ability to get the most out of his young players. Since FCD has one of the best (statistically, the best in terms of minutes played by homegrown signings) academies in the country, I see him focusing more on getting the most out of the young guns than trying to make outside signings happen.

4. Players to watch: just a few guys I want to highlight:
A. Kellyn Acosta - U20 captain and probable inclusion with the Olympic qualifying team, Kellyn was denied a breakout season last year due to injury.
B. Victor Ulloa - Took the reigns last year as the focal point of the outfield with Diaz and Hedges being in and out. I've mentioned it before, (IMO) Ulloa is the first apparent long-term successor to Daniel Hernandez.
C. Tesho Akindele - Fresh off his US January camp inclusion and ROTY inaugural season, this is going to be a very important sophomore season for the striker. If he can step up in a big way and play like he did in August all season, David Texiera may find his DP contract terminated.
D. Fabian Castillo - Star of the team, Dallas is going to be relying heavily on Fab for most of their attacking threat, but with players around him like Blas, Tesh and Mauro, he's just as deadly creating as he is dribbling past defenders with his pace.
E. Michael Barrios - The newest FCD signing, this 23 year old Colombian is being touted by Oscar as "a player that we know can come in and help us offensively right away. He has the speed and talent to be a great player in this league."
F. Ryan Hollingshead - I was going to cap it at five players, but Ryan has torn it up this preseason. Previously used as a mid or wide player off the bench, Oscar has seen fit to play Ryan as more of a withdrawn striker, and to great effect. Reminiscent of Wondo, Ryan has been putting himself in great positions during the preseason, netting 3 times during preseason. He's enjoying his new poaching position, and Oscar (I'm sure) is enjoying the goals.

Best to luck to the boys in 2015, if we can stay healthy across the board the playoffs are almost a given and a Supporters' Shield run isn't outside the realm of possibility.

My projected finish: 4th in the West, eliminated in the semifinals of MLS cup.

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Where are the rest of the other teams ?? Lol not many fans for them. Crew ? Timbers ? Union ? Dynamo ? Sporting kc ? Even the new teams OCSC, NYCFC. And yes no Canadian clubs since were in USA. I for one will be a fan of OCSC and follow them closely. Their probably my 2nd fav team in mls right now.

Rey Regicide
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Off topic, but what an incredible human being Chris Sietz is, him along with Acosta and the hoops commitment to youth make me want to root for them.

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@recycledhumans- thank you sir. I think I will agree and say right now Dallas has the best academy although LA, Seattle, Nyrb, SKC and others are right there.

OCSC??? I think we all just got prepared for a new level of annoyance. And now is the time I await a lurker or two to post about their team.

Manteca, CA
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Thanks, Bass player. I agree, we have some young support in Thompson and others, but truly a building year. Back line is experienced but thin. Still not sold on Lenny up front, but the view will be nice from the bar. Been waiting for Avaya. Hopefully the CBA will sort itself out for all of us....

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