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Friday July 10, 2015 9:40pm

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Friday July 10, 2015 10:05pm

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I was listening to planet futbol's podcast this morning and they were debating whether Lloyd's half field shot was the best US goal of all time (including context).

Honestly I don't even think it was the best goal in that game (including context). The first goal was an absolutely brilliant set piece. Lloyd was hanging back and then shot forward like a bat out of hell to direct the ball toward the back post against her run. It was the perfect goal, well thought out and wonderfully executed. It is the World Cup winner but more importantly 3 minutes into the game it shook Japan before they even had a chance to start to try their game plan.

The goal from half field is also very well executed by Lloyd and yes it was for her hattrick in a world cup final. It is fun to watch, she caught the keeper way off of her line and decided to have a go. The Japanese Kepper had a chance but tripped as she was back peddling. Again great goal by Lloyd, I wouldn't even think about being critical of the goal if it wasn't being debated as the greatest US goal of all time but including context the first goal was better.

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