Which of the eight candidates should lead US Soccer?
Eric Wynalda
Steve Gans
Carlos Cordeiro
Michael Winograd
Paul Caligiuri
Kyle Martino
Kathy Carter
Hope Solo
None of the above
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Friday November 4, 2016 11:30am

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Original post from Dave

MSantoine - There are a host of talented players who will be emerging and/or entering their prime during the 2022 Cycle. Whatever manager we end up having they are going to have a lot of options to choose from.....

Pulisic (23), Hyndman (26), Zelalem (25), Senora (25), Lederman (22), Gooch (26), Green (27), Akale (25), Canouse (27), Arce (25), Perez (24), Rubin (26), Wright (24), Lennon (24), Arriola (27), Brooks (29), CCV (24), Miazga (27), EPB (25), Yedlin (29), Wood (30), Morris (27), Agudelo (29), Acosta (27), De La Torre (24) Payne (26), Olosunde (24), Fossey (24) Roldan (27), Delgado (27),

It is going to be fun to watch these guys come of age.

True thats a lot of guys, but the Hyndman, Cannouse, Arriola, Payne, Yedlin, Wright group is a notch below. When you think of big clubs theres the three spanish clubs, the two bayerns, and the 2-4 english clubs that stand above the rest. The truly great teams have most if not all their players on those 8-10 clubs. From the list you have its really Lederman, Pulisic and maybe CCV, Brooks, Akale, Lennon, Zelalem.

The others will be good roster players but likely never considered "special"

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Saturday November 5, 2016 9:56am

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MSantonie - While it's true we still aren't likely to be at the talent level of the major international powers (Germany, Brazil, Argentina, etc...)....this marks a HUGE step forwards for US Soccer.

Pulisic, JAB, CCV, Zelalem, Akale, Lederman, Lennon, & Green all are trending towards being "Special" players.

Horvath, Hyndman, Gooch, Perez, Wright, Miazga, EPB, De La Torre, & Olosunde may not be special, but are all looking like they'll be "Solid" contributors for good teams.

That's 17 players who should make the US a difficult opponent to face. A strong defence with skilled creative players up front. Add in whomever develops as the "Role" players to flush out the roster...players like Canouse, Yedlin, Morris, Acosta, etc...who have grit and fighting spirit and I like our chances of being a Legitimate top 10 team and a potential dark horse. We're still missing some pieces....Left Back & that striker with the killer nose for goal....but there are fewer holes in this potential squad than at any other time. And there is still nearly 6 years to find/develop others.

Ultimately it'll come down to who we have managing the team and how they deploy our players. But I'm really looking forward to watching these players develop over the next 5-6 yrs.

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