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With dolce on torres and playing as a 10 in Argentina.. he can pick up so much.. he will probably not be a riquelme but imagine if he is something like an higuain.. damian manzo, a real think ten.. that would be freaking cool.

Yes it would be, for many reasons. Mostly because that's what our player pool desperately needs: creative players, guys that can make a difference in the final third. We've never even had a real #10 in our history (unless you count Freddy Adu) and we have desperately needed one over the past few years. We have so many English-style #8's, why get excited about yet another one? He won't be a Riquelme (that position/style is dying anyway) but if he can become a decent Argentine #10 he'd be a massive asset to the NT.

And almost equally important, we need exciting players with flair, guys that will make the top ten plays on Sportscenter, you know, players that are actually fun to watch. We need to keep growing the sport.

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I said it before the best prospect we have right now is Sonora due to the fact that he plays as a 10 for Boca. Can't wait to see if or when he breaks onto the first team his younger brother plays also future looking bright.

A very lucid post. I agree completely.
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