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Monday October 20, 2014 8:10pm

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what is really sad about sprockets attitude is that it is ignorantly short-sited at best. at worst it is self-serving, ego-maniacal, and ultimately destructive to US soccer.

the US will ONLY compete regularly for WC QF and SF appearances when its domestic league reaches the point that it is REGULARLY sending players over to the top 4-6 leagues. THAT will ONLY happen when US Soccer - from youth THROUGH ITS TOP PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE - is regarded with the likes of holland and belgium.

Belgium is currently regarded as a "golden generation" and while it may truly be, there is a foundation they have put together there that has ALLOWED that to happen - up through a domestic league that essentially rivals the everdivisie (holland is ranked 9th in UEFA, belgium 10th). Basically the league has reached a point that top leagues are scouring through the best young players coming up through the system, nabbing them by the dozens. that does not happen without a very strong domestic league

hers where they started their career
cortois (chelsea) - genk
mingnolet (liverpool) - sint-truiden
lombaerts (zenit) - gent
kompany (MC) - anderlecht
van damme (liege) - beerschot
ciman (liege) - charleroi
de bruyne (wolfsburg) - genk
fellaini (MU) - anderlecht
defour (anderlecht) - genk
dembele (spurs) - beerschot
lukaku (everton) - anderlecht
mertens (napoli) - gent
januzaj (MU) - anderlecht

people who think that a league like norway (ranked 26th), for instance, is basically as good as belgium (10th) are just flatly ignorant

Herr asshole perpetuates this myth by seeming to imply that ANYWHERE in europe is better than MLS

the fact is that MLS is FAR better than, say, norway, but also not far off from being as good as belgium and holland top leagues. further
- keeping good players who are not good enough to excel in TOP euro leagues makes MLS better
- bringing home good US players who have plateaued in europe makes MLS - and thus US soccer - better

michael bradley felt he had plateaued at roma. regular playing time likely meant a transfer to a lesser team. moving back to MLS was a landon donovan-esque move that ULTIMATELY makes US soccer better - in the long run.

how bout jozy altidore? what is best at this point? toiling in europe to please JK? or coming home and raising the profile of soccer in the US. for JK its the former. for US soccer its the ladder. altidore is a good but not great talent who will NEVER play champions league with a top team

what JK seems most ignorant of is that the road in germany had been long been paved ahead of him. he seems to not understand that his success in both club and international football was directly linked to the foundation of german football - up through a strong domestic league - that had been laid before him long before his career even began

US needs a mix of guys excelling overseas AND continuing to build the domestic scene. One can not happen without the other. for every MB coming home we need to send 3-4 young guys over to strong teams in europe. it does not happen without growing the league with players who have already succeeded abroad but who have hit their ceiling

good on donovan. good on dempsey, good on MB. now bring home jozy, ream, sacha, spector, DISKERUD... not everyone, but guys who have peaked at a modest level but would be valuable additions to MLS

and send SOME of our best best and brightest young players to raise the bar in europe

New York
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Monday October 20, 2014 8:16pm

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Welcome back Rain!

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Monday October 20, 2014 8:26pm

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Original post from navi8132

Welcome back Rain!

Notice how he snuck Kljestan in right at the end? Knew he wouldn't be able to go a whole post without getting his buddy in there!
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Not really related to the thread but what do y'all think about this for next year ???


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I've been one of MB's biggest fans, and, for a stretch of several years, leading up to the WC (but, unfortunately, NOT including the WC), if he played, good things happened, and when he didn't bad things did. It was pretty straightforward.

The move to Toronto was ridiculous. He would have got more time at Roma, if he'd stayed, where he was liked and could learn from Totti, a master's master. Why leave just because you can't start every match? What a learning experience it could have been for him. WTF is he learning at Toronto?

Those of you who hate JK for his ego, I don't know what to say to you. Maybe he has an ego. I don't know him personally. But he has a lot of ideas, and we've seen a much deeper squad since he's been in charge and a much more top-class style of play. The respect for the team on the international front has never been higher. The English fans and media (amazingly) pretty much acknowledge now we are better than they are. I see this on the BBC, on individual club BBs. JK brings a lot, even if he plays favorites or mind games or whatever. Any successful coach must put his stamp on the team. Some players will respond, others won't. Together the ones who do and he make a team. Together they have been getting results.

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