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Saturday August 30, 2014 2:00am

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With qualifying starting next week I thought I'd vent some frustrations. So the euros have recently been arguably better than the World Cup (although this recent World Cup set the bar high) but now they went with a huge money grab that completely waters everything down.

1) expanded field to 24. In theory it's a good thing. However what they really did was ruin qualifying. They pretty much guaranteed teams like Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy will never fail to qualify. Take a look at the groups. Top 2 teams automatically qualify. 3rd place gets a playoff. So to miss the playoff a pot 4 quality team would have to pass them. Those are teams like Wales, Estonia Finland, Belarus. Not going to happen.

2) expanded knockout rounds. 16 of 24 teams make the knockout round. Seriously. 3rd place practically guarantees your on to the next round.

3) due to the bull shit that is FIFA rankings. Confederation tourneys carry a lot of wait. More euro games means higher rankings for all. Uefa is pretty much guaranteeing they'll have 6-7 seeded teams next World Cup (Russia guaranteed. Germany, Spain, Netherlands, another 2-3 teams that do well in qualifying).

Uefa is really putting the screws to FIFA. I hope the other federations see this and do something to stop it.

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Sunday June 14, 2015 5:41pm

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I must say I have always loved Slovenia's jersey.

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Monday May 30, 2016 9:06pm

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I really like Germany and France to meet in the final.

Spain although not on the 2008-2012 form are still a favorite.

I think Belgium is slightly overrated but they're full of quality.

There's always that one dark horse every Euros that makes a run to at least the semis. Possibly Ukraine, Sweden, or Portugal if they play to their potential.

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Monday May 30, 2016 10:16pm

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Hard to bet against Spain, Germany, and France.

I have a feeling Italy wins.

Dark horse: Northern Ireland.

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Tuesday May 31, 2016 11:40am

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Germany has looked by far the most dangerous team. They do have some injury risk guys which could torpedo them in a short tourney.

Italy I would love but they are in a tough group and I woulndt be surprised if they lose early (I think they are still transitioning towards the new guard much like US).

France is getting hit hard by injuries on their backline. Those can be tough to overcome.

I actually think England is going to make a run this time. Shed their underperformance label and make the semis or finals before losing to Germany.

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