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Thursday June 26, 2014 10:54pm

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I hope we have solid energy.
I hope we have JOZY.
I hope Bradley steps it up already and serves a killer assist or goal.
Everything else is fine as is (Ghana lineup)

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:11pm

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i think if altidore is ready to go he wont start... he will probs only be good to go 30 mins. so we should come out in the 4-5-1 with bedoya and zusi on the wings. Yedlin will come in as a sub no matter what in like the 65-70th min. If we wee need a goal Altidore comes on too, maybe even throw on wondo or aj...

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:19pm

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Just watched the highlights from 2013 when we got our ass kicked by Belgium 4-2

Goodson, Eddie Johnson, and kljestan were in the line up

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:33pm

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Original post from tjknowsall

i think if altidore is ready to go he wont start... he will probs only be good to go 30 mins. so we should come out in the 4-5-1 with bedoya and zusi on the wings. Yedlin will come in as a sub no matter what in like the 65-70th min. If we wee need a goal Altidore comes on too, maybe even throw on wondo or aj...

You think Jozy would only have 30 minute legs after sitting a week? You don't lose match fitness that quickly. If anything, I believe he'd be extremely fresh.

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:42pm

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If you ask me there should be five things we try to do against belgium.
1. Attack van buyten he has been played a good amount of minutes in brazil he is older unless vertonghen replaces him but I think belgiums coach sticks with van buyten. He hasnt been challenged much I think dempsey should have his go against him. Obviously kompany will try to help out but I think we need to go one against one whenever we face Van Buyten he is one of the slower and older players at this world cup.
2. Belgium has scored all of their goals after the 70th minute. The us needs to score first because I feel that if we can get a goal and sit back we can have belgium play right into our hands and we can counter attack them.
3. Punish Belgium by attacking their left side. Hazard isnt the best at tracking back not as bad as ronaldo. Vermalen is a centerback who is used at left back but I feel that is some space we can exploit he hasnt played much this year not a lot at leftback. Plus Fabian Johnson combining with zusi or bedoya will open up our attack.
4. Belgium needs rythm they often drift out of games so if we can really frustrate them I feel we have a solid chance of getting a win.
5. Bring in mix diskerud as a substitute. Today in the game against Germany we needed somebody that could hold the ball to often we gave the ball away. Against Belgium we need to keep possesion especially late on. I am not saying he should start but if it is 60th or 65th minute and we are up a goal bring him in. We need to kill games we cannot under any circumstances allow what happened against portugal to happen again.
If we stick to these five things I think we have a good chance of winning. Are belgium talented absoloutley but this is a team game. 11 vs 11 Belgium has weaknesses attack them and lets move on to the quarterfinals. Also I think Jozy coming back will help out a lot for this team.

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:44pm

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Not scared of Belgium but they still have massive talent they just look very inexperience in the world cup. We should have the ball more and should be able to create alot of chances for goal based on Belgiums 3 games. We have to be solid when they counter and in set pieces because with a guy in fellani a 6'6' monster he can win almost anything.
We have just throw away that Germany performance and move on because its a new start for everyone and everything depends on you. #IBELIEVE

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Thursday June 26, 2014 11:59pm

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The US played with Kljestan in that friendly last May. A player that continually was caught out of position and caught lingering on the ball.

I agree that the US can punish Belgium by attacking their left side. Also Van Buyten is slowwwww, and Kompany has groin issues. Also I think Bradley, Jones, and Beckerman match up well against Belgium's CM's.

Should be a good game.

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Friday June 27, 2014 12:26am

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Belgium is quality but we have face two teams who would give Belgium a helluva run for top spot in their group and another which is superior to Belgium. I think this game could go either way. I respect Belgium with their quality but they are unproven and had a relatively weak group. Russia was one of the disappointments of this tournament. Then again they haven't been the same side since Euro 2008. I don't know if we will dominate possession and impose our will on non-CONCACAF teams and teams with the quality of Belgium yet but I feel it will be a far more even match and we should create more chances.

If Jozy can play, I am content with him not sprinting 100% to get a 50-50 ball. I think he will need to be a presence in & around the box and provide hold up play which we sorely miss. Speed has never been a major part of his game and it was unfortunate he was injured trying to use his pace. One of those plays you cheer him for but in hindsight was unnecessary, I think his adrenaline got the best of him. Then again, who am I to question his competitive spirit? I just hope his hamstring strain is of the 2 weeks variety and not the 4-6 week variety and we don't rush him too soon and have to make a 15 minute substitution because he tweaked it.

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Friday June 27, 2014 1:13am

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Here's my take...

Jozy, you don't start someone coming off an injury. You don't know how they will react. At most rely on him for 30 minutes, get his legs back under him.

Howard no question.

Gonzalez, start him over Cameron. He played himself into the starting 11 today.

Besler, Johnson, Beasley, no question they are all on that back line. I just wish we could rest one of them, their legs are definitely getting tired. At least you have one set of fresher legs in Gonzalez back there.

Beckerman and Jones, without question go with what's working.

Which leaves us with the attacking 4.

Bradley, I think he is under a lot more pressure than people realize. I think the attention they are paying to Bradley is freeing up Jones. Jones is taking advantage of it. He's struggling but you have to keep with him. He is a workhorse and still the cog that keeps the USA moving.

Dempsey, he's got to be tired, but how do you not start your captain? could Wondo really start in his stead, maybe. The nod goes to Dempsey up top.

Which leaves your LM and RM. Here's where I think you gamble. Zusi has not impressed me. Besides 1 perfect cross his set pieces have been awful. He's done his job, he's worked on offense and defense, but we need more for this match. Instead of Zusi I'd start the kid, Yedlin. He's shown us what he can do. He's fast, he's young, he CAN go 90....let him.

Finally LM, Bedoya, though I love him he is not 100%. He's working his butt off. He needs a rest. Let's see Johannsson here. Johannsson has speed. He can recover to play defense. It's a gamble but one that needs to be taken. Davis proved he can't keep up. Let's see a kid with speed on the wing, that's what this team is made for.

so to recap:


Johannsson - Bradley - Yedlin

Beckerman - Jones

Beasley - Beslar - Gonzalez - Johnson


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Friday June 27, 2014 1:20am

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After watching Belgium today, I don't think the US should be scared. That doesn't mean I think the US will have an easy time at all. But the three opponents the US has played so far were better than Belgium.

The US needs to go to a two forward formation. I love the defensive job, but the US can possess the ball against Belgium. Two forwards will give the US a chance to play off each other and hold the ball while the midfield joins in the attack.

The. US can win this upcoming game.

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Friday June 27, 2014 1:40am

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I'm really happy that Belgium canceled the scrimmage against the US in Sao Paolo. I have no idea why it was scheduled given that this was a feasible draw.

I also can say with certainty that I personally feel like the pressure is off. I am sure that I'll get nervous when the game starts but now I can really start to truly enjoy the games.

New York
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Friday June 27, 2014 1:50am

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Every day is going to be Jozy Recovery Watch Day. Never been this excited to see a player get back to health (hell since Charlie Davies).

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Friday June 27, 2014 2:58am

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Man Charlie Davies, please don't bring me back. I wonder where we would be if he did not have that horrific accident. Dude had pace and could finish. I remember that goal he scored in Azteca during 2010 WC Qualifying. He was the yin to Altidore's yang. His best partner. He would have flourished in Jurgen's system....sorry for reminiscing. *tears fall*

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Friday June 27, 2014 3:01am

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Actually the best partner I have seen for Altidore is Adu. Even Altidore will tell you that Adu is the most talented player he has ever played with.

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Friday June 27, 2014 3:02am

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For today let's celebrate have fun, and enjoy getting out of the group if death when mist doubted usa. Tomorrow we can worry about Belgium. Thank god is a 1 pm game. More time to pre game...

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