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Monday May 19, 2014 4:04am

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Original post from hamsamwich

In person, EPB was impressive. Its hard to simulate the movement and skill of our forwards in Chicago. The kid grew into the game (the first 15 minutes was all too quick, but he had the slight movements to cover his angles all game long, like a veteran.) I thought SKC midfield let him down early. Great pass by Shipp leading to first pk (Amarikwa looked offside to me). Palmer-Brown's athleticism and intelligence stood out. I found him assertive and he hits one hell of a long diagonal pass.
Which explains why Juventus wanted to sign him in the first place. EBP could be a future elite center back in the making.

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Monday May 19, 2014 5:27am

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My thoughts were that EPB was growing into the game after a shaky start. He has great recovery speed, athleticism, good positioning, and really good distribution. Was a tad over aggressive at times, but won plenty of 1v1 scenarios.

Playing in a 3 man backline is difficult even for veteran CB's.

But at 17 I thought he showed why he is so highly coveted at KC, the USMNT program, and Juventus.

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