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Monday April 14, 2014 12:57am

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The 2014 MLS salaries were released this week.

These are the guaranteed compensation figures that really surprised me:

Benji Joya - $54k
Bernardo Anor - $49k
Shane O'Neill - $68k
Connor Doyle - $50k
James Riley - $80k
Nelson Rivas - $80k
Charlie Davies - $79k
Marco Pappa - $75k

There are also surprising salaries at the other end of the spectrum like why on earth is DC United paying $298k for Sean Franklin?

Maruice Edu ended up at $650k much less than was initially being rumored.,%202014%20Salary%20Information%20-%20By%20Club.pdf

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Tuesday April 15, 2014 7:57pm

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Wow couldn't believe the rankings. No NFL teams in the top 100. No MLS teams in the top 250 something like that. And most are soccer clubs in the rankings.

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Tuesday April 15, 2014 8:49pm

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Some of those numbers do look surprising on the surface, but may make a little more sense if you delve into them a bit. Joya is on loan from Santos, so that $54K may well only represent a portion of his overall salary. Santos may still be paying a good bit of his compensation. Chicago has an option to buy at the end, so I guess we'll see when/if that happens.

Pappa was good at Chicago, but flamed out at Heerenveen and was released before the end of his contract. He's been middling for Seattle so far, so I agree that it is a low salary, particularly for a guy that plays for his national team, etc. but he's struggled of late and was out of contract when he was signed.

Similar with Rivas. He has a good resume, but he had health problems (collapsed in training), injuries, loans, and ultimately had his contract terminated. So he was out of contract and looking for an opportunity when he was signed too.

Obviously we know what happened with Davies and he would have been on DP money or never come home if things were different.

Riley being an experienced player that has usually played regularly even though he has bounced around a bit... that's a little surprising that his salary is that low. A few of the others are surprising too... It's odd that O'Neill bypassed college and signed a homegrown deal for that kind of money.

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Saturday July 18, 2015 1:02am

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Salaries are released:,%202015%20Salary%20Information%20-%20By%20Club.pdf

The moral of the story is that if you're a young talented player you should leave MLS as soon as possible.

Noteworthy Salaries (guaranteed):

Harry Shipp: $112k
Clint Irwin: $97k
Shane O'Neill: $76k
Dillon Serna: $73k
Fabian Castillo: $160k
Steve Birnbaum: $96k
Bill Hamid: $405k (I have no idea how DC Unit got him to agree to this)
Taylor Kemp: $60k
Kofi Opare: $60k
Kevin Ellis: $63k
EPB: $60k
Bradford Jamieson: $60k
Sebastian Llettget: $100k
Jose Villareal: $62k
Evan Bush: $100k
Donny Toia: $60k
Lee Nguyen: $193k
Mike Grella: $60k
Matt Miazga: $75k
Mix Diskerud: $750k (he turned down nearly $2m from Columbus for $750k? He's insane)
Khiry Shelton: $87k
Seb Hines: $109k
Zach Pfeffer: $60k
Luke Mulholland: $84k
Devon Sanoval: $60k
Fatai Alashe: $76k

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Saturday July 18, 2015 1:39am

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Cool fact Gio will make more money in 1 game than all those players you listed except for Mix and Hamid. But wil surpass them after 4 games played.

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Saturday May 21, 2016 6:32pm

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Some real bargains out there again this year.

Four of the best deals are

Wondo $650k
Jermaine Jones $600k
Nguyen $500k
Nagbe $500k

That's four of the best players in the league earning pocket change to the likes of Lampard, Pirlo and Jozy.

Other unreasonable salaries include:

Polster $84k
Trapp $151k
Pappa $110k
Serna $66k
Castillo $156k
Birnbaum $86k
Opare $90k
Dia $51k
Opara $125k
Llletget $110k
Bush $117k
Shipp $104k
Davies $108k
Tierney $125k
Larin $135k
Asprilla $76k
Nagbe $500k
Joevin Jones $70k
Endoh $51k
Manneh $127k
Parker $66k

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