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Monday March 31, 2014 12:43am

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A few of you guys are talking about Shipp and I just don't see it. Looks like a solid MLS player at best.

I try to watch RBNY because it's on locally, but it's incredibly frustrating. I'm getting tired of Henry bitching about every pass that doesn't find his foot. Next season and NYCFC can't come soon enough.

I thought EJ played well yesterday too. Thought DC as a whole looked good too. Didn't watch the whole game though.

Rey Regicide
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Monday March 31, 2014 12:54pm

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You know who I've seen play an incredible no. 10 of late. Federico Hiquian for Columbus. Ho-ly-cow. If there's a no. 10 I wish the USMNT either had, or emulated, it's that guy. He comes to every position, every one can stay ans fixed as they like, and he opens up passing lanes with just positional changes. Then when he realizes he has numbers in his favours and he can get past lines of defenses, he makes his moves either by pass or dribbling. Dempsey can NEVER do any of that. Which is why he gets left in limbo in the free role behind the striker. I know he tries stuff, I know he is a pick up truck, rough and tumble style, lacking finesse but has a lot of perseverence drive all that good stuff...yadda yadda. But man what I wouldn't kill for a Higuian on our team, USMNT.

Rey Regicide
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Monday March 31, 2014 1:02pm

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Something that I've noticed about Luis Gil too, unfortunately. His position isn't a 10 so much as a right CAM or RM. He doesn't have the spaital awareness needed of a 10, the floating understand where you are, when to maek a quick backpass to alleviate the pressure when to turn, when the let the ball run. I've seen it in Flores before he went to Borussia, I hope that stays with him, cause that is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to play the type of ball that people say we are playing with Klinsmann. Attacking possession oriented. Every time you hear the announcers saying, we don't have anyone linking up, the opponent is pressing the back line etc... that's what we're lacking. Wouldnt' imagine Green being that guy, he's the guy the no. 10 would link with on the sidelines or having in a floating role in the final third, like sterling or sturridge, ... damn it hope green eventually in his life comes out to be at least as good as sterling is now

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