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Sunday February 23, 2014 7:22pm

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So Teal Bunbury has been acquired by New England to fill the void left by Agudelo.

He has already scored a goal in pre-season for his new employers. The fact that New England set out to acquire Bunbury pretty much suggests that they were not particularly confident with Davies, Mullins, and Bengtson heading into the season.

Will Bunbury re-emerge as a USMNT player with New England? In some upper Elite USMNT circles Bunbury was considered a brighter striking prospect than Agudelo. I never really agreed with that stance, but Bunbury does have the skill set and is still young enough to resurrect a USMNT career. For my money I think Bunbury is closer to an Eddie Johnson than a Brian Mcbride.

Anyways it's good to see Bunbury in a new environment, and who knows maybe he exceeds my expectations about him.

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Sunday February 23, 2014 7:32pm

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It's a perfect fit for Bunbury to get back on track, he's had a tough time at KC with injuries and competition and with the incredible amount of play makers behind him at NE it could be a 15 goal season. Would love to see him get it going, he's got a lot of physical and technical ability should certainly be a fun team to watch.

I agree with 2tone that I prefer Agudelo as a USMNT forward prospect but Bunbury is faster and bigger and when on can be quite a handful up front. They play very different which isn't a bad thing as you need different looks up front.

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Sunday February 23, 2014 7:37pm

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I think he will definitely rebound this year, but the depth at FWD on the MNT is such that he would have to have a series of damn near Herculean performances to get himself into a position to get call ups. Jozy, AJ, EJ, Agudelo and Wondo are his main competition right now but that list is only going to get longer and longer with all the young talent on the come up. Certainly not impossible but it's quite a mountain to climb.

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Sunday February 23, 2014 8:35pm

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He was doing real well before that ACL tear. He had gotten his first cap too. Depth at striker is real intense but he could show out with the attacking talent that the Revs have.

Fagundez, Nguyen, Bunbury, Imbongo, Rowe.

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Sunday February 23, 2014 9:51pm

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Bunbury is the kind of target striker the revs need. Has better aerial game than anyone on the roster. Diego, Davies, Rowe are quick guys. Imbongo is still raw. Bengston is clearly on the outs. My guess is teal was brought in to start up top and be the target man. Diego Rowe and Nguyen can play off of him hopefully

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Sunday February 23, 2014 11:52pm

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Good post. I agree Bunbury could re-emerge. Have heard from some Sporting kc fans who watched him come back from his ACL op. saying he looked more polish and strengthened the weak parts of his game like his first touch, running with a ball wide making a hole for himself, etc. Looks promising I think he could be better than Boyd cuz he's much faster and maybe better with the ball but good to see our FW pool deepen again. McInerney and Bunbury are going to be young Forwards to watch this season.

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Monday February 24, 2014 12:41am

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Original post from 2tone
In some upper Elite USMNT circles Bunbury was considered a brighter striking prospect than Agudelo.

Really? Who was saying that? I'm kind of surprised that people would have that view. In any event, I wish him well as the more depth we have the better.

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Monday February 24, 2014 1:04am

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Only preseason, start scoring some real goals then I'll get excited for the guy!

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