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While I'm not a huge fan of Zardes he does have certain attributes that may make it worthwhile to a coach or a team if they can get him for the right price. He's not a player who's going to beat you on the dribble, or be the type who'll be good at a possession based game. However his size, speed, and determination (grit) is good for teams who play direct or expect a high press all the time. Also the type who can come off the bench and give you a spark against a tiring defense as either a wide player or a central striker.

A worthwhile comparison is that Zardes & Wood started at roughly the same time with the national team. Both have ~40 caps, and are basically the same age. Wood who's played only at striker has 13 goals & 3 assists. Zardes who played a fair amount as a wide midfielder has 6 goals & 8 assists. There overall production for the USMNT is fairly equal.

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