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Thursday January 8, 2015 6:36pm

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If it weeds out the true professionals from the merely gifted/talented, then it's worth it.

With the never-before-seen amount of quality options coming up through the ranks, the senior team is going to have to start making this kind of distinction. Swag and TBoyd are about the same in terms of quality (not easy to compare different play styles but for the sake of argument, let's consider it a given) and aren't too different in terms of age...but Boyd has shown himself willing to keep his head down and do the work, where Swag has acted like a star without having proved himself and I'm guessing that he's done his NT prospects nearly irreparable harm by showing that this is the kind of player he is.

Friendlies are for experimenting, and a big part of that experiment is testing youth. I'm a little more inclined to agree with your arguments if we're talking tourneys though.

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Thursday January 8, 2015 6:55pm

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I would say there have been a good number of caps given not for merit, but rather so a player in MLS could get a work permit overseas or maintain one. I would say the capping of the JA's fit into this category.

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