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Monday December 3, 2012 8:46pm

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i hope this cycle of players are better.. because the past few years we been downgrading not improving... wtf is the usa system doing starting with gulati... First lose to ghana even tho we were favorites... 2nd suffer the worst defeat ever in sub 17 level by germany.. third dont qualify to the sub 20 world cup.. 4th dont even qualify to the olympics... And last but not worst,, get made fun of mexico.. btw they won the sub 17 world cup twice.. and have a gold medal in olympics.. ohh and also w confederations cup.. and a bunch of gold cups... And usa nothing no fifa awards just a couple of cheap gold cups... And thats why us soccer has to step up.... We got the best talent here... We just gotta convert them into soccer stas....

The Downgrading part is a myth. There are a lot of really talented players not only with the failed U-20 and U-23 teams, but with the current U-20's and U-18's as well as the last two cycles of U-17's. You don't judge the talent on the basis of tournament wins or WC appearances; you judge by individual talent because senior level is what matters when it comes to the WC and senior tournaments. Trust me there are plenty of talented players coming through the ranks of the U.S. youth programs, and MLS youth academies. As well as some abroad in South America, Mexico and Europe.

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Monday December 3, 2012 10:36pm

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Yes we do have plenty of talent.. the problem could be the coaching i guess... the usa has to find a way to translate it into wins... Ge the best of their talents on the field... Not winning the gold cup was huge because the confederations would of been helpful.. and also not getting an invite to the copa america which would of helped the sub 23.. regardless i hope we have a banner year in 2013, at all levels.. and up to the world cup

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