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Friday January 10, 2014 5:11am

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Interesting little tidbits from Klinsmann's interview with Roger Bennett. Doesn't surprise me. MLS is certainly better than it was 5 years ago, but it's nowhere near a lot of the European leagues.

Can we finally stop having the homers who say MLS is better than Ligue 1, Liga Portugese, Eredivisie?
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Friday January 10, 2014 5:30am

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It is an absolute stupid remark by klissman. and certainly many top European clubs are drooling to get their hands on the next generation of usa youngsters. Personally i Hope they stay here in mls but clubs abroad will come with better offers therefore any player will leave. Gil, Zardes Klute, Yedlin, Trapp, Powers, Mc bean, Ferell, ext...... Is the next Generation and many of them will prevail.

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Friday January 10, 2014 5:34am

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I think Ligue 1 debatable. But Liga Portugese or Eredivisie well its hard to really balance them against each other. Regardless MLS is not THAT far behind.
I think we demand our players to go to Europe can we agree on that? JK def has to demand them even more if he wants them to continue to push themselves. Obviously this cant be done now but maybe Jurgen after the world cup stops calling players that feel "safe". Lets be honest Bradley is "untouchable" for obvious reasons but that can really change in four years. Dont get me wrong i love Bradley and we have to understand that ANYONE would have taken the money but cmon we need to push are players to get better. We need to keep demanding even more, why? because thats what the best countries in the world do in the game. Look at Brazil and how their people push the team as a whole? They have to win the world cup or there will be disappointment. JK has the power and he knows it. In positive note its amazing for Toronto and a new challenge to make a bottom team into success for Bradley. Only make the League that much stronger.

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Friday January 10, 2014 5:39am

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3 years from now MLS will be over France, Portugal. and just for a reminder our neighbors below liga mx have been wayyy better than france, Portugal for over 20 yrs.

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Friday January 10, 2014 6:14am

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mx league better than france??? better than portugal????? nope... now maybe do the bottom teams of each league equal each other... i might agree to that, but benefica, sporting lisbon, and fc porto... and PSG, Monaco, LIlle, Marseille, would beat the best teams in mexico on a regular basis, now could the MX team win maybe 2/10 yes, but these teams are to good and to talented to say the MX league is greater. the likes of Falcao, Ibra, cavani, thiago silva, lavezzi, rodgriguiz, matudi, varela, mangala, garay, jackson martinez... are better than any player in the MX league....

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Friday January 10, 2014 6:21am

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on the actual topic, i believe there is a lot of truth in it. No American other than some success, great sucess from Mcbride and dempsey at fulham, and bradley all over the place bundesliga serie a even a small unsuccessful stint at west ham. Altidore has struggled. Our supposive next great winger ( who i never liked) is struggling. We have had success in second tier leagues, but never had a player play for a big name team. Beasley made the champions league semis once... but well i love beasley, but this is beasley we are talking about. Our most successful American player in Europe ever is my favorite player of all time Steve Cherundolo.(almost 400 games played at Hanover) He is a captain and longest active player in the Bundesliga. There is not much to work off of for these coaches, so they would rather play conservative, then take a risk with an american. We need to prove ourselves.. have a mls team make the club world cup... maybe an upset win over portugal or germany would do the trick, but we have never really developed a "great" player, and that is what the world is looking for... Could Donovan had been that if had the drive... maybe... maybe not.... but u have to have the drive... i thought bradley did, but i never thought he had the talent to do be a top 10 cdm... i rank him in the top 40 today... probably round 35... im excited to see if we can prove the world and play with germany and portugal... because while packing it in might get a point playing them straight up and getting a point is a lot more impressive and will get these players noticed....

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Friday January 10, 2014 6:36am

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Oh no there is no demand. Shocking? Nope. The only in demand player for European teams to get on loan in the past was Lando.

Nothing to see here. Same old same old European mentality towards Americans.

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Friday January 10, 2014 6:45am

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Im glad. I hope all Americans stay in mls. No need to go to.Europe. Grow this league and prove to the world in the future that an all based mls team can beat teams like Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil , Argentina, Holland ext.... Then we can say this is arguably the best league in the world. Would love everyone to say that in the next 10 yrs...

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Friday January 10, 2014 6:45am

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Better for me.

Im all about MLS, I watch this league more than any other american sports league.
I support MLS more than the average fan - Season ticket holder, Watch majority of the games, getting loud at bars to have a game played, etc... My only rule is I will never buy a jersey. I'm a fan but not a superfan and grown men shouldnt be wearing jersey's.

I only watch the teams in Europe with Americans and dual nationals. I'm honestly paying attention to Leeds (gboly), Bayern Munich (green), Hoffenhiem (toljan), and Mainz (Parker).

The only time I have ever been fully interested was when Donovan went to Everton.

I just wish MLS would change the rules by adding 1 more DP slot or as I've said before numerous times, make USMNT players not count as DP's.

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Friday January 10, 2014 7:20am

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Out of 100% soccer I watch is mls, champs league finals, copa libertadores finals, USA international. The rest just highlights with teams that have American players. Or random updates. I personally rather watch mls than any other league in the world. For some reason I get bored watching soccer abroad I have zero interest for it. I just cant stand watching it, id rather.watch Spongebob lol.

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Friday January 10, 2014 7:37am

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Yep, why bother watching European soccer when you can see the league in your country grow right in front of your eyes. I'm way more excited for the 2015 season than the next season to be honest.

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Friday January 10, 2014 8:31am

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Agree, not much new or controversial here. Think about the life expectancy of a coach at a top-flight European club. Few have the political capital you'd need to take a chance on unknown Americans. There's just too much down side.

And don't forget the added burden of obtaining work visas. We forget what an awful bureaucratic nightmare this can be. Look at what just happened to Juan Agudelo. EU players don't have to go through that and there are plenty just as deserving of a shot. If a club is going to reach outside the EU, there's also the issue of transfer fees. Most African or South American prospects are cheaper to transfer.

JK is right. Opportunities arise when our players shine in high-profile international competitions like the World Cup. Only then do European clubs feel comfortable looking past the obstacles. We're almost to the end of the current World Cup cycle so it makes sense that this would be the low-point for US player visibility. I'm sure that's frustrating for a coach that's trying to prepare for the World Cup right now. A fresh set of solid performances in June will see the demand return.

But I'm with others here that want to see MLS rise- if for no other reason than to render this whole love me/love me not conversation EU club conversation moot. I'm with blaise213. I'm an MLS fan and I cherry pick international teams with US players. I'm all for the Bradley move and hope Jones and any other USMNT player that wants to come home is right behind him. We're the world's largest sports/entertainment market and we have the power to create a top 10 league that can eventually rise to the world's best. Player upgrades are a part that- especially popular USMNT players like Bradley. If this means we struggle a bit through the next two World Cup cycles but grow a better domestic league capable of directly porting high-level talent sans Europe in 10 years, that gets my vote. Hoping that European clubs will develop International-level talent for us isn't a winning strategy. We're way too focused on the short term.

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Friday January 10, 2014 4:10pm

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With more and more Americans coming back to MLS, I really don't have a reason to watch any league or team in Europe.

I will catch the occasional AZ game.

I hate watching Stoke and Sunderland. And I think the EPL is overrated.

I catch the occasional Bundesliga game with Chandler or Fabian.

Other than that I could give a crap about Europe.

When MLS was formed I made it a priority to be a fan of the league. When the Sounders finally entered MLS I was as giddy as a school boy. MLS is my league and I could care less what any Eurosnob thinks of MLS.

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Friday January 10, 2014 4:40pm

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As of right now England, Spain, Germany are ahead of MLS. Portugal and France aren't that far off. Not including PSG and Monaco bc they would beat any MLS team. Maybe the MLS is a top league in 10 or so years and maybe not..

I will support American players going to the better European leagues until that happens. I don't watch that mush MLS maybe the occasional game here and there, I watch all the top european leagues. But it is easy to tell Europe is where its at when you here every player saying they hope to go to Europe and play at the highest level. And it gets even more clear when mostly all the top Brazilian players got to Europe to play instead of staying in there quality league.

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Friday January 10, 2014 5:45pm

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I wouldn't want an MLS player on a two month loan either unless I was absolutely sure that he could make an immediate impact. Two months is not long enough to learn the system and settle in especially for Defenders. To me the lack of interest speaks more about the nature of the circumstances than the quality of the player.

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