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Sunday July 22, 2012 3:32am

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This kid is fun to watch, period. He makes plays and is real difference maker.

He's short but I love his pure determination and work ethic on the field. It transforms the whole team when someone is playing like that.

Lade is a big reason why NYRB will be tough to beat this season. He makes everyone else better.

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Monday July 23, 2012 5:34pm

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Agreed. I first saw Lade when he was with St Johns. He has always played well above his size. Great to see a homegrown kid not only getting playing time, but contributing for his club as well.

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Tuesday July 31, 2012 12:29am

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Lade is a blast to watch in games. I saw him up close & personal a couple weeks ago when NYRB played Seattle, and he had the play of the game for me when he somehow squeaked through a couple defenders to set up a dangerous chance (Bshredder, you remember our jaws hitting the ground on that one).

His size will always be a problem in that he'll be physically outmatched by just about everybody else on the field, but he has the advantage that he's tough to catch. Seeing him buzz around guys twice his size reminds me of a Euro qualification game I watched between Germany and the Czechs back in 2007 - watching Jan Koller (6'7") flail around helplessly while Philipp Lahm (5'7") was practically running circles around him was one of the most memorable scenes I can remember in a football game.

I still think he needs another year of regular play to even figure out where he belongs on the field. He could develop into a damn good attacking outside back, but that's where the size would become an issue. I could also see him be a fine roaming player for the wing.

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