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Friday April 14, 2017 11:04pm

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Original post from Rey Regicide

Nagbe of course, why not Nagbe?

Diskerud is at least as good as Nagbe, and if he plays well this year, I don't see why he wouldn't be an option, either. I'm not saying Diskerud should start. But if the best option is Nagbe, I think Diskerud at least deserves to be in the conversation. That's all I'm saying.
Rey Regicide
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Monday April 17, 2017 12:27pm

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Does anyone feel like I do?

With Puli, Wood, Dempsey etc throw Altidore Fabian in there...

we have like enough people to man all stations in the attack at once, thereby obviating the need to have a midfielder "dribble" into a zone and basically muck up the joint.

like in NFL football the quarterback and pass it, or he can run it. if he Michael Vicks it, there is no spacing consideration because the play is dead once he gets tackled. Michael Vick doesn't care about the pocket he just left. the quarterback who throws it has very small consideration upon an interception, play the deep field like a punter as the last resort against a run towards his goalline.

but if football were like rugby or just continuous, there would have to be consistent minding of the space you're vacating. to perpetually leave your position with a dribble (back to soccer) means you are CONTINUALLY leaving your area. so i honestly don't get the desire for someone breaking down the middle. what we need is someone who feels comfortable in the middle. and generally speaking, the way you make up for your lack of individual awesomeness at range/tackling/marking is by introducing another midfielder. in the past, the juggernaut of CMs who were simliar or just tactically inept Edu/Clark/Bradley (even good Bradley) made this a psuedo impossibility.

but now with the Hyndmans, Acosta, Nagbe, etc all these guys, I feel like we can play 3 in the middle and not have anything lost in attack. if anything i feel that strengthens our positional discipline and leaves attacking to the attackers, and the defending to 4 plus the 3 in front of them.

so in short, cartago delenda est, we need to play 3 in the middle

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