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Monday October 14, 2013 7:52pm

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So lost in the shuffle of WCQ, and MLS making announcements was the president of Galatsaary came out and said that when the current tv deal ends there is a good chance the top european clubs break off and form a super league. he said that pretty much all the top teams agreed to do it except a couple that wouldnt do it for historical/rivalry reasons (Im guessing the EPL teams probably said no). But this could create a league, not just a tourney, where you have teams like Real, Barca, Porto, Benfica, PSG, Monaco, Ajax, Galat, Moscow, Kiev, Top Italian teams, and top German teams. It would pretty much crush all the top heavy leagues (french, spain, portugal, dutch, russian, turkey) and pretty much turn europe into two leagues. EPL, and Super team league. They went so far as to say they would cede from UEFA and create their own governing body if they need to. If this were to happen it could kill all euro leagues and turn them all into feeder leagues even more so than they are now. It could actually in a backwards way raise MLS as without the Champion League and Europa League as draws you may see more guys come over here, especially as the other leagues have money issues with no UCL/Europa cash injections

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Monday October 14, 2013 8:04pm

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That is a very scary thought...but am I surprised..? Not at all. It is all about the mighty Dollar, Euro, Peso lol whatever form or currency these places use lol

My only thing that I'd love to see is, get rid of the FIFA World Cup, UCL, and all Continental Champion Leagues...and have a Champions World League... That IMO would be amazing. I know not all leagues line up evenly when it comes to schedule/season...but that would be the biggest money draw IMO.

That would help the MLS in a couple ways, help bigger names come over to the MLS, and it would also help ease the MLS transition into the big four's seasons where they would start around and during the same times as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB...which the latter imo doesn't even really compete with the MLS as it is right now.... unless your the Red Sox, Yanks, Dodgers, Phillies, Cards, and emerging Nats and O's no one really cares lol...

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Monday October 14, 2013 9:41pm

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I cannot see the Premiership successfully competing with a super league. The Priemiership gets its quality from talented and expensive international players. The money would surely be better in the super league which would draw the best players over from England.

I actually think they have a brilliant set up right now and there would be a lot of backlash from the best teams pulling out of their domestic leagues. It would be a total game changer but I think they will come up with some sort of solution to keep teams in Domestic competitions.

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Monday October 14, 2013 9:49pm

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Original post from Techskillz416

and MLB...which the latter imo doesn't even really compete with the MLS as it is right now.... unless your the Red Sox, Yanks, Dodgers, Phillies, Cards, and emerging Nats and O's no one really cares lol...

What do you mean by doesn't even compete with MLS unless you are those specified teams? I can tell you that there are millions of people that do care about numerous other teams that you didn't mention.

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Saturday August 16, 2014 6:08pm

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I don't feel like starting a new thread but ESPN and Fox struck an important deal for ESPN coverage of the Champions League starting this season. It's mainly about ESPN Deportes but there's an important feature for us internet geeks.

The deal includes non-exclusive rights to present live, English-language coverage of up to 68 matches on ESPN3 - eight matches from the playoff round and 60 from the group stage. In addition, ESPN also acquires replay rights to select matches for its digital and on-demand platforms, after FOX Sports has made its exclusive selections.

Live access to ESPN's matches in English and Spanish will be available on WatchESPN via computers, smartphones, tablets and connected devices. and the ESPN FC app will also feature the live matches on WatchESPN.

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