How will the USMNT perform in the Copa América?
3 and out, baby!
Quarterfinal heartbreak
Reach the semis, but can't take the next step
Loss in the final - it's the 2009 Confed Cup all over again!
Champions on home soil!
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Friday October 18, 2013 11:40pm

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Yes a loan will the best for Bradley... In other news unbelievable goal by leverkusen.. lmao

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Saturday October 19, 2013 12:20am

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Bradley is currently the 4th option at Roma in midfield. Roma not being in European play hurts as this would give him another slate of games to start. Bradley will be the first mid option off the bench the rest of the way and will only start if Roma will rest players/ injury.

He is still incredibly valued at Roma and they do not want to sell him. You need depth and Bradley is a GREAT bench player for a team like Roma. Its not good for the USMNT but great for Roma. He will get his time and when he gets his chance he will need to take it.

Roma will have injuries...

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Saturday October 19, 2013 2:34am

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The thing is I doubt Roma would let him even go on loan, they NEED Bradley, why didn't they sell him in the summer to Sunderland when they could have made a nice profit of a sale, because he is an intregal part of this Roma team, and he didn't start for 2 months because he was INJURED, before that he started. Sure it will be tough to crack the lineup about but if anyone has the chops to do it it's MB90. What happens if one of the 3 guys ahead of Him go down and Bradley is on loan? You start Marquinho, I'll pass, Florenzi, didn't really impress me last year, sure he had some good performances last year but was very inconsistent. We should be happy Bradley is valued like this by a team in Roma who could well win Seria A this year.

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