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Wednesday January 16, 2019 5:14am

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Original post from hamsamwich

As for getting the best XI on the field and fitting a system around that, Berhalter has sort of made it clear you have to fit into his system and not vice versa. May limit some guys options who are clearly talented enough to play.

This is the case with most managers. They have a preferred formation/system/style that they envision their team playing. This usually requires certain types of players, or players who can perform specific functions on the field. That doesn't necessarily mean these are the "Best Players"....it can mean that they are the best for their roll. Just look at the 2014 WC squad....Wondo & Davies had no business talent wise of being on that team, but JK included them over others who were more talented/capable (Donovan, Boyd, etc.). Why he included them is something only JK and his staff truly know.

Right now we have a nice crop of CM options with McKennie, Adams, Acosta, Parks, Hyndman, Canouse, Trapp, Lletget, De La Torre, Bradley, etc.... Each of us rank them differently and feel that certain players either should be included or excluded. However, a pure CDM (Trapp/Canouse) may be included by Berhalter instead of a more creative CM (Parks/Hyndman) for the simple fact that he feels his formation requires a true CDM to shield the back-line instead of using a hybrid 8 like McKennie, Adams, or Acosta as the shield. He may feel that the experience of a player like Bradley overshadows his short comings....so he includes Bradley and foregoes a younger player of equal on field ability (Acosta). Or maybe he takes a more versatile player who can fill multiple positions (Lletget) over a more talented single position specialist.

Ultimately Berhalter's goal right now is to find a mix of 23-30 players who can implement his desired style of play quickly and have a chance of winning the Gold Cup in June/July. Than he can work on improving/refining his team/squad, building towards the HEX and ultimately the 2022 WC.

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Wednesday January 16, 2019 2:11pm

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Davies wasn't on the roster for the 2014 WC. I think you're trying to reference Brad Davis.

The plan for Klinsmann at that tournament was to move the ball forward and win corners and free kicks in dangerous areas. Davis was on the roster because he brought something to the table, a very good left foot when it came to crossing the ball into the box.

Wondo was brought in because he was in good form scoring goals in MLS. Boyd was just coming back from injury and was not fit. Donovan, as I've listed before on this site, was left off because of poor overall performance in the camp with respect to game and scrimmage results. Wondo was also on the higher end. The reality is that Klinsmann left Donovan off for personal reasons to make an example.

The only question for inclusion at that tournament without explanation was Green. It was somewhat known though that JK made an agreement with him and his dad that if he switched to the USMNT from Germany then he would give him a spot on the roster to Brazil.

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Saturday January 19, 2019 7:47pm

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Duane Holmes with a goal and an outstanding performance today for Derby. Dude is really showing his talent now which is awesome for the USMNT.

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Sunday January 20, 2019 1:14pm

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It certainly is. I can imagine with the form that Harry Wilson is in right now and the way the goals are being spread about the team that Derby could make a solid push for promotion. Let's hope Holmes can stay fit and at the center of that.

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Monday January 21, 2019 1:03am

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You gotta say, the difference between now and back when with Huddersfield (Yeovil) is that Holmes looks a lot stronger. I think that has helped to give him more confidence in the rough and tumble Championship.

The run he makes to score this goal is what led to the pass being played. Had Holmes stayed wide he wouldn't have gotten the ball... instead he dictated the pass from wilson. Nice finish too. But that run showed great intelligence and timing, two things the attack for USMNT has lacked.

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Saturday January 26, 2019 2:19pm

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Watching this FA cup game... Holmes is just so fast once he gets on the ball in any space at all. Like Amon except with more field awareness.

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Saturday January 26, 2019 7:31pm

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Highly talented and won't be surprised if he is a starter for the USMNT in the Gold Cup. Especially considering Pulisic isn't being used by Dortmund now and will probably not be in good form.

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Sunday January 27, 2019 7:58pm

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Original post from 2tone

Highly talented and won't be surprised if he is a starter for the USMNT in the Gold Cup. Especially considering Pulisic isn't being used by Dortmund now and will probably not be in good form.

Pulisic isn't a concern, regardless of how many minutes he gets with Dortmund between now and the Gold Cup. There should be at least 1 friendly match before the start of the Gold Cup, than the 3 first round games before players have to be fit & in form. That should be enough for guys like Pulisic to round into form for the games in the knock-out rounds.

I'm not concerned with guys like Brooks, McKennie, Adams, Pulisic, & Weah. IMO these guys are seeing enough club minutes and will be ready. I'm concerned with what the balance of the team is going to look like.

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Friday February 1, 2019 8:42pm

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Holmes getting a start today away at PNE.

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