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Thursday September 12, 2013 7:41pm

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Fifa World Rankings----Current Points---Max Possible-----Minimum Possible
1. Spain ------------1514 --------1481----------1383
2. Argentina---------1263 --------1425 ---------1217
3. Germany ---------1261 --------1295 ----------1095
4. Italy -------------1199 -------1265-----------1130
5. Colombia ----------1180 --------1202 ----------988
6. Belgium ----------1159 ---------1249---------- 996
7. Uruguay ----------1126 --------1293 ---------1127
8. Brazil ------------1067 --------1127 ----------1037
9. Netherlands --------1058 --------1120 ----------920
10. Croatia -----------1051 -------1130 ----------904
11. Portugal ----------1029 --------1054----------926
12. Greece ----------1016 ---------1000---------- 857
13. USA -------------996 ---------1061 ---------979
14. Switzerland --------992 --------1191 ----------947
15. Russia ------------968 ---------987 ----------861
16. Chile -------------967 --------1090 ----------889
17. England ----------947 ----------1076 ---------898
18. Bosnia-Herzegovina ---934 ----------974 ----------870
19. Cote d'Ivoire -------902 ----------884 ----------884
20. Ecuador ----------851 ----------972 ----------736

So... I guess in an unrealistically best case scenario, the U.S. could be up to 6th after the October games. Unfortunately that would involve several of the teams ahead of us BOTH losing when they play against each other. I think realistically, with 2 wins in October, the U.S. can move into the top 10, but probably not quite far enough to crack the seeded teams list. There are several teams behind us who can leapfrog us in the rankings next month as well, simply because of the confederation and opponent ranking element of the metric.

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Thursday September 12, 2013 9:27pm

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I think top 10 by the World Cup would be a lofty goal, but a reachable goal considering the countries in front of us. Trying to get a seed by a December would mean too many stars would have to align and it would be highly improable.

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Thursday September 12, 2013 9:35pm

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This is all completely meaningless unless it results in a seed. I don't care if we're ranked 10th or 20th. I only care about putting the pieces of the puzzle that is our roster together to allow us to compete in the World Cup.

Remember we were ranked fourth in the FIFA rankings in 2006 and then we crashed and burned in Germany.

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Friday September 13, 2013 12:29am

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Well obviously the only thing that matters is a seed in terms of rankings. My point was just that it IS possible, however unlikely.

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Friday September 13, 2013 6:25pm

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Im not sure but I remember reading somewhere that being in the top 10 allows your players to play in Europe without a Visa issue, Im not sure how true that is. Just if it is being 10th is a big deal. But being top 8 looks like a hard sell, Uruguay would have to lose both games big to not qualify and a win probably locks them in top 10. Croatia Portugal and Greece will probably be in the playoffs and maybe matched up against one or the other. So cracking the top 8 maybe difficult, given the advantage UEFA/CONMEBOL has as a strength multiplier. Never know though.

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Friday September 13, 2013 6:28pm

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The only 2 teams that scare me are Spain and Belgium

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Friday September 13, 2013 7:29pm

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Uruguay losing next two game is prob likely to happen. An away match to an undefeated at home Ecuador through all qualifiers only Argentina managed a tie there. LAst match is with an undefeated Argentina since 11/11/11 in Montevideo (Uruguay) its home match.
Uruguay won last two matches but far extremely not convincing. Not the same Uruguay from WC 2010

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Friday September 13, 2013 9:58pm

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Original post from blaise213

The only 2 teams that scare me are Spain and Belgium

Scare you how? Like if we had to play them? Because I can think of a lot more teams

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Friday September 13, 2013 10:06pm

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Original post from blaise213

The only 2 teams that scare me are Spain and Belgium

The three I would like to avoid are Germany, Belgium, and Brazil. Of the teams that will presumably be seeded they are the most dynamic and adaptive.

Sure, Spain is tough, but they only are effective playing one way...they have no plan B and if you can disrupt them and hit them on the counter their defense is not the best in the world.

A big question for U.S. fans heading into the World Cup is surely on Jozy Altidore and just what is plaguing the young striker at Sunderland.
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