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Saturday September 7, 2013 7:32pm

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I think there are 4 problem areas for the USMNT. Two of them have been problems for the past 12 months i.e. RB and LB. But those two areas can be fixed with Dolo coming back to health and Klinsmann giving Lichaj a chance and Chandler regaining form. I think LB can be covered with Castillo and Fabian and possibly Lichaj.

I think two more problem areas have presented themselves recently and those two areas are RW and LW.

You can put Lando at RW, but he has never been one to actually play like a winger. It's probably his spot to lose going forward.

Zusi has always been a better Cm then RW. For me he hasn't done enough to be the lock at RW.

Here are a few names that could emerge this year for RW:

Arriola: Yes he is only 18, but man he has already taken RW as his own at Tijuana.

Hoyos: Don't know how well he is playing for his Greek team, the last I heard was that he was very impressive.

Luis Gil: He is not a traditional winger, but he has looked really good at RW/RM as of late for RSL.

Now to LW. Is Fabian a lock at LW/ I say, no.

Fabian is the incumbent, but for me I would still like to see him at LB.

Beasley: He plays LW for Puebla maybe it's time to move him back to the position for the USMNT.

Shea: he has the most to gain if he gets serious minutes with Stoke and plays well.

Justin Mapp: He has been on fire for Montreal this season. He has speed to burn, can take guys on at will, and has returned to his old form that saw him break into the USMNT in his early twenties. I think he could really get into Klisnamnn's thinking if him and Montreal make a deep run in the MLS playoffs. Don't be surprised if Mapp gets a call-up sooner rather than later.

I still think the USMNT is in transition and still needs to fix a few areas. They will qualify, and Klinsmann is going to have to take a serious look at some players and decide do they really fit this team going into the WC. He will have 1 friendly in November, possibly the Janaury camp, a friendly in March to integrate some more players. He will have to do a lot of evaluating after the USMNT clinches a WC berth.

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Saturday September 7, 2013 8:01pm

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For me the two CB positions are a much bigger problem than wingers. It's wide open for both CB position but there isn't a great deal of exciting competition to Besler and Omar besides Brooks.

For the wingers I would put Gatt on the list. Sure, he'll be out the remainder of the year but he could sneak onto the World Cup team in early 2014.

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Saturday September 7, 2013 8:21pm

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I don't think CB is a problem.

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Saturday September 7, 2013 8:34pm

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problem areas for USMNT:
- tactics
- CBs
- OBs
- CM (beyond bradley)

the only completely solved issue is jozy spearheading the attack

yea, we know MB in middle, but who is around him? what are the tactics? nobody is convinced that bradley/jones 4-4-2 is really getting it done, at least the way JK is running it now

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Saturday September 7, 2013 10:24pm

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I'd be fine with benching Jones to make a good 4-4-2 work.


Insert your preferred defense and I like the way we look on paper... I'd like to try that if possible.

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Saturday September 7, 2013 10:39pm

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Fraser, are you proposing a 5 man backline like Costa Rica?

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Saturday September 7, 2013 10:58pm

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a four man... I forgot about the other forward haha. Dempsey I'd put up top and he can float as a forward

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Sunday September 8, 2013 12:02am

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I figure our wings will be Fabian, Shea-LW's and Dono, Bedoya-RW's

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Sunday September 8, 2013 2:04am

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I've been begging for Fab to be LB for a while. Still wouldnt mind seeing AJ in the LW spot. Fab would make the runs (his specialty as a LB, not as a LM) that provide depth and Aron could be there to cut inside ala Dempsey with Fulham

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Sunday September 8, 2013 2:12am

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I think when the world cup comes around Fabian will be a LB.. Beasley wont hang with superior wings, and he will be a bit older, slow, and Fabian will be better, smarter.. If all RB's healthy Cherundolo is our best option, then evans, after Lijah or chandler...

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Sunday September 8, 2013 2:17pm

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Lichaj should play LB and leave Fab at LM, Lichaj is better defensively even though he is inconsistent and overly aggressive. If he learns to play a bit more conservative at times and pick his spots he could be an amazing LB. Beas is there to stop the gap this WCQ cycle, at the WC he might make the 23.

At RB Cameron makes sense if he continues that position and gains familiarity there playing at Stoke in the EPL. Yedlin has an outside chance if Chandler cant regain his form. Dolo still has the quality to be the starting RB but I dont know if he will ever be healthy enough to depend on at a tournament anymore. Brad Evans is the back up but books a spot because of his versatility.

At RW theres a question, I dont think Dempsey or Donovan are either suited to play that position, especially given their ages. With the way the LM/RMs have to track back they would be ineffective for large portions of the game. I think eventually its either Dempsey or Donovan and not Dempsey and Donovan.

Bedoya is the perfect RM though for JKs style of play. I think he eventually locks down the starting spot and allowing Donovan to play underneath Jozy. AJ becomes the super sub for the RM/LM/ST positions.

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