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Wednesday September 4, 2013 2:14am

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Original post from MSantoine

It has to do with wearing the colors of his father. And regarding BShredder he may not have been close to him but coming from experience when you lose a family member you try to do something that would make them proud. Perhaps he regrets not having that close relationship and is trying to make amends with himself over it.

Thats all good and dandy with your situation, but in the real world you logic makes ZERO SENSE.........

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Wednesday September 4, 2013 2:21am

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I don't know how a simple misunderstanding that Timmy was already cap-tied spiraled so out of control.

Thus, let's discuss something positive and inspirational about US soccer like the effort to get Amy Ross to Columbus for the Mexico game.

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Wednesday September 4, 2013 5:34am

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1. He's 23 years old! We attribute more wisdom to young athletes like Chandler than actually possess. Just because they play a sport at a high level doesn't mean they think at a high level. He's capable of being just as confused, impulsive and sometimes immature as any other 23-year-old. And he lives in a bubble which tends to make these things worse. There are thousands of examples of this all around sports yet we still want our 23-year-old heroes to be wise old sages off the field and understand/make every career decision as we would. The wonder of being that young is that he could be a completely different person in a year. Maybe we should give that a chance.

2. He grew up in Germany dreaming like any other German kid about playing in the Bundesliga. I'm sure he dreams about the WC too, so long as it doesn't interfere with dream #1. He's not a lock at Nuremburg. We'll never know what conversations he had with JK but I won't be surprised if JK told him (in German) to go win his place in the Bundesliga first- just like he would have done. As long as he gave him a quick cap tie so he didn't have to worry about loyalty, they could talk about World Cups later. He's young enough to have 1-2 in front of him. A great strategy.

We don't need him as much as we once did. JK is probably taking the right approach. Let him reel out a bit, grow, become a more stable player and we all have many years ahead of us.

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Wednesday September 4, 2013 7:34pm

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Original post from Techskillz416

I'm not sure if you have paid much attention to JK and his tactics, but he has admitted that he chooses character and hustle over skill. Again if its so dumb...explain to me why Beckerman is on the squad....Zusi is nothing special...and Parkhurst is there over Lichaj. Explain please...
The reason Beckerman, Parkhurst and Zusi are there is JK feels they HAVE the skills. I agree, I'd prefer Lichaj over Parkhurst but that's how WE view their talent! Neither one of us have National Team coaching abilities just our own personal preference!

Of course character and hustle are a big factor for any coach, including Lowe!

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